"And in point of fact, something new occurs with the rise of the : the disappearance of as an end, the new conception of the conjunction according to which the sole end is abstract and its realization in forms other than …But the bourgeois field of immanence—as delimited by the conjunction of the decoded flows, the negation of any transcendence or exterior limit, and the effusion of anti-production inside production itself—institutes an unrivaled , an unprecedented : there are no longer even any , but only commanding other slaves; there is no longer any need to burden the animal from the outside, it shoulders its own burden…the sets the example, he absorbs surplus value for ends that, taken as a whole have nothing to do with his own enjoyment: more utterly enslaved than the lowest of slaves, he is the first servant of the ravenous machine, the beast of the reproduction of internalization of the infinite debt…In short, the theoretical opposition is not between two classes, for it is the very notion of class, insofar as it designates the ‘negative’ of codes, that implies there is only one ."

- and , Anti-Oedipus

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