I think we have some characters that resemble the bizarro versions.


As opposed to the traditionally wholesome German children's literature:

--Max und Moritz
--Gebrueder Grimm

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Friendly reminder: if you're inviting people to review papers and/or serve on a program committee for a conference, your email should state the schedule for reviewing and planned workload so that people can make an informed decision whether it fits with the rest of their work schedule or not.


@Radical_EgoCom@kolektiva.social @bamfic Kabale une Liebe by Schiller

A true masterpiece that explains US revolution from German view, hint: Germans sold to British to fight against colonists. German rulers got more money if people died.


Totally redeems word cabal for me.

Also, of late the term conspiracy has problems of its own.

In this case, why say conspiracy, when monopolists is more accurate?

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The peoples of the world are becoming profoundly dissatisfied and are not appeased by the promise of the social democrats to patch up the state into a new engine of oppression.
-- Peter Kropotkin

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I think you are making a mistake if you think the tech industry does not see racism as a feature and not a bug.

The entire point is to come up with an impenetrable algorithm that spits out your prejudices in a manner that you can call "objective."

You can perpetuate your privileged position without taking any responsibility for it. If someone call you out for being a bigot, you can blame it on "math."

I can guarantee you that if the AI algorithms said you would optimize outcomes by cutting the profits given to billionaires, they would have strangled it in the cradle.

Come to think of it, the first drafts probably did and they kept trying until they found one that did not.

Either that, or people named Jared that play lacrosse are just incredibly awesome:



The only surprise here is that she is not THE top taker.

@cstross @spaf

During the aphasia he was still more eloquent than any candidate at their last debate.

I'm kind of hoping it will become a fashion with the Republicans. Their rhetoric would become more logical, eloquent, and show more empathy for people.

@StevenSaus @johnshirley2024 @mhoye

They are good at it, you have to admit. I think their party has a natural attraction to toadies of all kinds.

Let's face it, no one with any amount of self-respect would have anything to do with Trump.


It is the same logic as tax cuts for the wealthiest people. Being a lickspittle for cash is a great way of maintaining power.


I use truth as a means of manifesting my own personal arrogance. I do not need to lie to get what I want. It is often needlessly cruel.

I find veracity one of the least attractive parts of my personality.

On the other hand, when I was a child, being honest frequently lead to my being physically assaulted by groups of other children my own age while the teachers looked on approvingly. So, it is not without hazard.

That's what you get for being born in Texas.

@cadenza @hannu_ikonen @Mary625 @StillIRise1963 @Vincarsi @sidereal

You are right with everything. We will see when annoyance wins out over inertia for me. When I chose, I had no good way of judging the mastodon instances.

It is possible to have productive discussions with people form the other side, but only when they are sincere and not just trolling.

That is the real reason why discussions with Fox News viewers and Ramaswamyites is useless. They don't really care about their positions. The only real point is annoying the other side.


@cadenza @hannu_ikonen @Mary625 @StillIRise1963 @Vincarsi @sidereal

When I moved in, I looked around and I think it said science/tech.
The one you had issues with has issues. (Gun control discussions with him are hard to stomach.) I discovered later.

Moving seems like a pain. Any suggestions for a better home node for someone with techie/human rights interests?

OTOH, I feel uncomfortable when people agree with me. That is probably part of the reason why I feel good in SC, where I disagree with everyone about everything.

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