@rw I insisted that we have a cheese course at our wedding reception with local cheeses and chutneys. I was literally the only person who had it, which is either a massive failure or a huge win.

@dajbelshaw @rw well I would be all up on a cheese board at a wedding.

I couldn't care less about desserts, more often than not, I'd rather have an extra entrée 😁

My wedding I didn't have to plan a meal because there wasn't one. There were 7 "food stations" dotted around the venue dishing out various delicious things.

My favourites were the curry station and the pasta station.

Mrs Basil was partial to the pancake station with the chocolate fountain.

@basil @dajbelshaw

Doug, much as Epictetus taught that philosophy is a way of life and not just a theoretical discipline. You showed that food is a way of life also.

Basil, couldn’t care less about dessert? Just another example that civilisation only extends as far north as the Watford Gap services... 🙃

@rw @basil LOL, I live further north than Basil (but will admit that I got married in Devon)

@dajbelshaw @rw 😆 I got married even further south in Ħal Lija.

@basil @dajbelshaw perhaps. But for some people, the more south they go the more northern they get. 😉

@dajbelshaw this is my friends place in Gozo. Many an hour spent going pruny in this pool.

@basil Oh wow, very nice. We actually almost moved there in 2014 when I was working for Mozilla, but it fell through at the last moment. I want to go back ASAP!

@dajbelshaw I can apply for my Maltese passport when I next visit 🎉

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