Thought that I'd use Garuda for my #screenshotsunday. It's pretty vanilla, no interesting or unique configuration. Still, feels like a pretty interesting distro.


@mike thanks for the share. Not a distro with which I was familiar, but one that I will be looking at in the future.

How suitable would it be as a daily driver for a intermediate computer user?

@rw It seems pretty straight forward. It's got the typical "Appley" bar at the bottom and upper left menu. Category break down. The version I'm using is pretty eye candy intensive, but it would probably be fine for a intermediate user. It's Arch based, but it's got the software manager and everything is super straight forward to use.

@mike Nice! I have always been interested in Arch, but there is also a limit to my knowledge and desire to tinker. For some things, such as my OS, I like very user friendly. Which is why I opted for Pop_OS! But might give this a whirl when I have some spare time.

@rw Yea, I'm kind of the same. I've experimented with Manjaro in the past, but that's the closest I've come to Arch.

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