Some are confused about the terms “mutable” and “immutable” in or in general.

A Toot could be a good example but it seems that this is not the same for everyone (in the process of changing?)

For me, at the moment, a Toot is “immutable” –> Once it’s published, it cannot be changed. I can delete it and replace it with a new one, but I cannot change the actual Toot

But for others (and from what I gather, for all of us in the near future?), a Toot is “mutable” if they can change the same toot, not just replace it with a new one

Let’s say you have a string, an immutable type in Python:

name = "Stephen"

You change your mind and want it to be upper case:

name = name.upper()

You’re creating a copy of the string which is uppercase and replacing the old string (which is binned) with the new one

That’s not the case for a list, for example, which is mutable:

numbers = [2, 5, 9]

You change the same list, not create a new one

Will Toots change from being an immutable type to a mutable type for all of us soon?


I saw this post on Twitter, too :)

Good example, but at least on this server ( toots have an edit button...

@mborus Here’s they’re not. Not yet, anyway. Can’t wait…

@s_gruppetta @mborus We’ll update this server (ETA unknown) to import some of the useful features from the main branch (vanilla Mastodon). An edit button is one of those. :)

@trinsec @mborus So toots will become mutable for us too, soon. Hurray!

@mborus case in point, typo from rushing and now I really want to get rid of that extra ‘s

@s_gruppetta @mborus could it be down to the client you’re using for whether there’s an edit button?

@paul @mborus on the web platform it depends on the server, I believe. For phone Apps, I don’t know (I use the web platform on a phone, too, it’s easier that way!!)

@s_gruppetta @paul @mborus Some servers have upgraded to the Mastodon v4.0.0rc1 or rc2 (release candidate) versions which has edit functionality.

@s_gruppetta @paul @mborus ...and if I could edit my last post, I'd correct 'has' to 'have' 😆

@techbits @s_gruppetta @mborus hahaha I made an annoying typo last night I couldn’t correct - assumed it was because I’m using the official iOS app - other apps are better!

@techbits @s_gruppetta @mborus ah good to know, thank you, I’ll have to do that for mine once it’s gone past release candidate and is a stable release 👍

@s_gruppetta For me, at least seemingly, they're already mutable. I can edit my toots. Though, I hope the rest of the Fediverse are also getting those updates to the original toot. I'm not sure how it's implemented. Running Mastodon 4.0.0rc2

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