This is a QT (although I suspect only those on qoto server will see it as such?

Hynek Schlawack  
Since being wrong in public is fun, here’s predictions re tech criticism towards Mastodon: perf: top ops/sre folks are making it work. #skinInThe...

@s_gruppetta @hynek Not only Qoto, the Quote-toot isn’t limited to Qoto. Anyone using the Mastodon Glitch edition should be able to see the quote, as well as anyone using Pleroma or Misskey instances. It’s a fairly standardized part of the Fediverse, except for default Mastodon.

@trinsec @hynek is that the same for markdown too, or is that different?

@s_gruppetta @hynek
I know glitch does have markdown support. Not sure about the rest. You’d have to create an account on one of those other instances to see. At the very least they should probably be able to see all those markdown characters.

Actually, I just checked. Pleroma should have similar markdown support. Misskey has maybe their own flavor of markdown support so not sure how compatible it is (but they have a shitton of other feature that nobody else has).

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