This is a QT (although I suspect only those on qoto server will see it as such?

Hynek Schlawack  
Since being wrong in public is fun, here’s predictions re tech criticism towards Mastodon: perf: top ops/sre folks are making it work. #skinInThe...

@s_gruppetta is that based on some metadata? Because I don’t even see a link to a toot. What I meant is simply rendering the linked toot just like QTs started out on Twitter

@hynek And that’s the issue, different people see different things.

Same with markdown, for example this below is a code block that some servers will see properly rendered, but you’re likely to see just plain text

print("This is a code block")

and this is in bold here

@s_gruppetta does it strip markdown or does it strip HTML? Like is *this* word surrounded by asterisks?

@hynek it strips markdown, making it useless to use until more servers support it. @freemo explained this recently. I’d quite the toot but that wouldn’t work for you either!

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