home depot parking lot. two 4x4 pickups with the same bed size. which way western man?

@sabbatical Even in an empty parking lot that manivan can’t manage to park properly 😂

@sabbatical That’s the technical term for those 4 door short beds. For the guy who needs to spend $90k and $600 in gas a month to avoid lugging the family around in a more practical vehicle

@jbwharris yeah, i mean i do wish i could tote both kids around in my kei — if i eventually switch out for something else, that'll be why — but i also love spending next to nothing on gas and feeling like the star of my own anime when i'm out and about

@sabbatical I guess in those cases it’s picking your compromise. While not suitable for family driving, it checks other boxes for you.

@jbwharris yeah, i'm tempted to sell this and import something like a toyota liteace or mazda bongo which have a 3-seater bench in the cab. they're a little bigger so not technically "kei" but still way smaller than NA trucks are. but they're a lot less popular to import, so would be a fair bit harder to get parts for, i think.

@jbwharris OK, i've found a "manivan" i'd actually be proud to drive though. 90s toyoaces are wild:

@jbwharris oh no, "tri-cab"?? now this is getting ridiculous! though i'm sure it was actually practical for the ski resort that had it.

@sabbatical that video is amazing. Just makes me curious how much bigger that vehicle is compared to consumer trucks out there

@jbwharris i’m seeing widths of 1.65 for a 1995 150 dual cab model and 2m for this larger tricab. current F-150 is just a tad over 2m wide not including mirrors and F-250 is a couple feet wider than that. still a little hard to picture, but seems like these are about 25% narrower than comparable new NA pickups if that helps

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