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Me at every work-related conference I've ever been to

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Who's the best product marketing designer or agency you've worked with?

We're looking for some ongoing help at Readwise to create assets (animated and static) for our newsletter, social accounts, help docs, etc.

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What happens when you tell an AI image generator to recreate the scene of Jesus flipping over tables.
I mean, it's 𝘵𝘦𝘤𝘩𝘯𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 correct. 😅

setting up this old typewriter for eb, and she just noticed it’s got no exclamation point!

“how will i seem excited? i’ll have to use a dollar sign”

really enjoying this “tradle” game. wordle / worldle, but int’l exports as guessing fodder

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Apple has Thunderbolt and Lightning ports

Logically, today's big announcement will be Very Very Frightening ports

love that iphones are switching to USB-C! disappointed the mini isn't back.

setapp is like if macheist happened every day

why is there so much turkic culture/terminology/imagery in c.s. lewis’s narnia books? especially when he never visited that part of the world, didn’t speak turkish, etc.

loved this article’s exploration of that question: (and would read a longer work on it too!)

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PSA to update all your Apple ecosystem devices as soon as humanly possible today, the security patch is for a pretty severe 0-day exploit actively being used to compromise devices by threat actors right now

More info on how the exploit works:

decided not to take melatonin tonight (i only started taking it again to try to get into the school day schedule switch) and now it’s 2am and i’m still awake. whyy

so many things in life would be smoother if i fell asleep as easily as i sleep in. it’s like i never grew out of teenagerhood

had another brand's "cold IPA" the other day, and was wondering aloud to @Chad whether it was connected to the "ice beer" brewing technique (freeze the beer to remove water). turns out, nope!

in a nutshell, "a 'cold IPA' is an IPA fermented at lower temperatures than what is normally used to ferment an ale"

beck and phoenix also used this cool 3d stage projection technique that i hadn’t seen before. very nice!

drone light show in the background while beck did his thing at ontario place last night

was shocked to find out that was all the real actors voices on the musical episode. and that last episode cliffhanger! i haven’t enjoyed star trek this much since TNG was still on the air, i think!

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been watching the new star trek snw with my boy at the recommendation of my parents — just finished the second season and it’s gotten surprisingly good!

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