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Dug this up for @sabbatical but everyone needs to see it. Quite possibly the coolest product demo I've ever seen.

(If you're in a hurry, skip to 7:00 with the understanding that he's recorded all of these loops live)

wish i’d gotten a shot of this raven spreading its wings, but it looked like a badass medieval omen up there

HDMI just feels so bad — the cables always feel loose in their ports yet are difficult to get in, as if somethings going to break if i push too hard. and then they flake out, needing a little wiggle or tilt to start working again. icky.

after years of wanting one, bought a used roli seaboard off a local reverb guy, and it is so fun to mess around with!

can you imagine if notion had a major data loss issue? just had a hiccup where my last month of worklogs weren’t loading on the calendar… and the panic!

maybe i will start to periodically export for peace of mind.

you guys know brain worms are not particularly rare, right? there’s a non-zero chance you yourself have had one, especially if you ever ate food prepared by ppl who ever go to tropical countries. tapeworm and hookworm are super common culprits, but others too

found an old photo of myself from back when we were recording the false heroics “salvation navy” album. i miss that cardigan!

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guess my photo of the dosa didn’t get uploaded somehow. check out this big ol fella!

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4 foot dosa @ rangoli for my sister’s birthday — pretty good!

how communists made unbreakable glass (and perhaps predictably, couldnt sell it in the west because it wasnt disposable enough):

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Discussion of rap beef + child abuse. Seriously you don't need to read this. It's bad. 

Trash. Absolute trash.

You can't bring up the fact that someone spoke about being abused as a child, as ammunition in a rap beef. This will upset a lot of people. I said that there were some things that can't be unsaid.

Some of y'all know that in California prisons, child abusers and sex offenders experience extreme violence. But people don't talk about why: a very high percentage of gang youth, are survivors

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friends gave us tickets to the blue jays / royals game tonight at the skydome. ultra nosebleed sears (only two rows behind us) but still a surprisingly good view, and probably not as loud since we were above/behind the speaker arrays

the foundation appleTV series is surprisingly good! loved the books as a kid. it's been a while, so not sure how close it is to the source material, but it feels well-written, well-acted, and it's visually stunning.

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