this week, the kei truck hauled:
- antique bed + mattress
- couch + large cat condo
- dresser, desk, chairs, shelves, misc (helped family move)
- several hundred KG of cement + forms
- corner display hutch

@sabbatical What's the working size of the bed in that thing? Already I can see it's bigger than the ones in some of those insanely huge things masquerading as pickups.

@alan bed is about 6.5ft x 4.5ft. the sides come down easily too so it can be a flatbed, (though that's about the only configuration i havent used)

@sabbatical Nice. It's funny, my "truck" criteria is pretty basic: can transport a sheet of plywood and lumber up to 12'. You can pay $40,000+ and get a "thing" that can't do that, which seems insane. Meanwhile one of those does the job.

Also, that last shot... that's for ice fishing as a spectator sport, right? ;)

@alan i mean, even a hatchback can transport those things if you get creative, but i hear ya!

@alan haven’t ever been ice fishing, but if i ever have the opportunity, a comfortable seat seems like a must!

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