Earthquakes are not uncommon between & in . Last weekend a few small near were heard by residents.

We found this and at a thrift store. Perfect for the 7-12 year old future

Here’s a map of last week’s in southeast . A magnitude 4.7 earthquake south of Yunta in South Australia last Thursday morning was the largest in the state since a magnitude 4.9 struck off Kangaroo Island in 2016. It's also the largest earthquake in this map area since a magnitude 4.7 south of Murrayville near the Vic-SA border in 2021.

Name a cool song that uses “earthquake(s)” in any context. I’ll start. The Distance by Cake:
🎶No trophy, no flowers, no flashbulbs, no wine
He's haunted by something he cannot define
Bowel-shaking earthquakes of doubt and remorse
Assail him, impale him with monster-truck force🎶

Looking at the area of this week’s ML4.7 earthquake (the largest in the South Australia in 7 years), you can see the swirls from millions of years of tectonic deformation and erosion. I’m no geologist, but even I think it’s very pretty.

I’ve had a fun few days driving around outback South Australia to install a new seismic station. I filled my rural art bingo card: a painted silo, a big something attraction, and lots of random bush sculptures

For more great information about earthquakes follow @DrWendyRocks here, and on other social media platforms.
The USGS, @EricFielding and other seismologists, both here and on other platforms.

#earthquake #Turkey

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The SRC isn’t posting here yet, but if you’re interested in activity in southeast , check out the weekly maps on other social media platforms or on the website. We’ve been catching up after the holiday break, so here’s all of January 2023. It’s a total of 222 earthquakes, with the largest a magnitude 3.4 in South Australia

Volcanoes are awesome, and although I know very little about them, I do know that my home state has the 3rd largest volcanic plain in the world! I thought I could smell something burning towards the end…

This is not an inspirational quote:

When you’re served something that sets you two steps back, suck it up and move on. Don’t try to pass twice the trouble on to someone else to dodge the issue.

This is the official rule for the Uno +2 card.

🤯 My childhood was a lie.

is the capital city of the Northern Territory of and experienced a magnitude 7.6 this month

Earthquakes are not just logarithmic in magnitude, but also in how often they occur, and 2022 was a textbook demonstration of magnitude recurrence in our monitoring area.

I’ve walked over these rocks near for decades - most recently with @DrWendyRocks - and never noticed the hundreds of that I’ve probably tripped over. I’m a seismologist, not a palaeoichnologist after all… It’s suspected they might be from the Australovenator ("southern hunter"), a carnivorous

: video game edition. A PlayStation 5 emulating a PlayStation Portable to play Ridge Racer 2 that contains an emulation of the arcade game New Rally-X

That feeling when a significant occurs in an area where a new array has just been deployed 🤤

🎉 Here's my 2022 recap of what I get up to on weekends when I'm not doing seismology
👨‍🍳 The Espresso Chocolate Cheesecake was a surprise winner
🖇️ Also, I made a website to keep the "recipe cards" as links at if you need them

News clips of earthquake damage 

Today is the 33rd anniversary of the tragic earthquake. Here’s a recent video I made summarising how this changed and in .

In the process of making this parting gift for one of our long-serving software engineers, I discovered that a different (a magnitude 2.4) on her birthday doesn’t appear to be on any . It looks to have been imported from a 3rd party catalog…

It looks like we’re getting for - just in time for the holidays. But it’s , so it won’t last…

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