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I'm Eric Korpela, an astrophysicist by training. My expertise is in interstellar matter (), UV instrumentation, radio instrumentation, and . I used to direct a small volunteer computing project called SETI@home (). I'm semi-retired, and theoretically working 17 hours a week. In practice that turns into almost as many hours as I was working before I retired.

My posts here will often be unrelated to my work. I find it hard to be chatty about things that have exhausted me during the day. My short term life goal is to learn all that is knowable.

My non-work interests are and .

If you 'have nothing to hide', it's only because it hasn't been outlawed yet.

According to the headline
"H5N1 doesn't have to be
a repeat of Covid-19's
'public health versus the economy,'"
and it will not be a repeat
just look around, with H5N1
we are doing things differently,
this time we won’t let anything
stand in the way
of protecting the economy.

Now, everyone is so furious about OpenAI stealing a beloved celebrity's voice. But what about the many artists, writers/authors, and creators whose copyrighted works OpenAI stole to create works resembling and replacing those people's products? Not famous enough to generate the same outrage, right? At least now, everyone knows how bad Sam Altman is. He thinks he is above the law. I'm glad someone is standing up to this bully and I hope something good come out of it.

Do you have a squad? A group of 3 or more friends who are your main social circle?

The fact that people can’t recognize fascism unless it looks like Hitler’s Nazi Reich is very dangerous.

Looking forward to #TeamTrump bringing up a last surprise witness tomorrow who's just some Proud Boy goon specifically there to tell Merchan "it'd be a shame if something happened" to his daughter.

More detail from the International Criminal Court re. arrest warrants for the leaders of Hamas and Israel. Among the war crimes categorized & defined for Netanyahu & Gallant of Israel are:

"cutting off supplies of electricity and water" and "attacks on facilities that produce food and clean #water".

The explicit war crime is "intentionally using starvation of civilians as a method of warfare."

This conclusion comes from the unanimous report from the Panel of Experts to the ICC Prosecutor.

Because there are never enough Green Herons on Mastodon, here's one.


@TheConversationUS so it’s not returning europeans that settled illegally since the 15th century?

Alito flies an upside down flag. Thomas's wife openly supports the insurrection. My latest OpEd details the scary truth that this corruption is who SCOTUS has mostly always been—the greatest obstacle to justice in America.

Let me know what you think:

I must say, these new extra-strength placebos are doing wonders for my hypochondria!

Well,that's one asshole I won't be supporting anymore on game day 😐

Tony Romo, former President Donald Trump play round of golf in Dallas

I have 38,000 followers on Mastodon. If only 1% of my followers gave me one dollar a month on Patreon, I would be making 38 million dollars every single month. The power of the generosity of strangers blows my mind.

Justice Sam Alito sold at least some of his stock in Anheuser-Busch and bought stock in Molson Coors on Monday, August 14, 2023, amidst an anti-trans boycott.

What happened and what’s it mean? At Law Dork, I explain:

I just learned that I've reached the point where I won't take blatant disparagement of political persons who are actually trying.

I welcome you to unfollow me if you cannot find your way to save democracy this year. Literal rights are on the line. Everything is here.

I fucked up by not voting sometimes in the past, not taking it seriously, believing both parties had the country's best interest at heart, for all people, how foolish, I was trying to find the perfect candidate *WHO DOESN'T EXIST*.

The goal now is to get to vote again (fairly) and make change *for the better*, **everywhere**.

Slam the wrong people right now and you may very well make this **worse** for so many people.




Yet another reason to ditch Slack. Like there weren't a hundred already.

Flipboard Tech Desk  
If you use Slack for work, your messages and DMs to friends and colleagues are now being used to train the company’s machine learning features — an...

If you use Slack for work, your messages and DMs to friends and colleagues are now being used to train the company’s machine learning features — and everyone is opted in by default.

A quiet update to the company’s policy suggests messages, data and files sent by users are helping Slack to improve its in-app features like channel recommendations, search results and emoji suggestions, reports @PCMag. Individual users can’t opt out either, something critics have called a “privacy mess.”

#Slack #AI #MachineLearning #Tech

New Report! "Two-Thirds of Court Asylum Applicants Found Legally Entitled to Remain."

Out of 1M+ asylum cases decided by immigration judges over the past decade, 685,956 (66%) were legally entitled to remain in the United States due to asylum or other relief.

If you aren’t happy single, you won’t be happy in a relationship.

Happiness comes from video games, not relationships.

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