I am trying to write an #antiviolence #manifesto for games. I target specially #ttrpg This is difficult. I'll paste in the following messages what I've got so far. What do you think? Is something unclear? Is there a probable misunderstanding I should lift? Am I missing something obvious ? (or not so obvious?)


@gherhartd (1) Take a look at Golden Sky Stories; (2) Do you want no violence at all, or just characters that don't use violence, e.g. Call of Cthulhu investigators or other horror scenarios (these could involve self defence); or think even a mundane investigative game.

@sgryphon Golden Sky Stories is very nice indeed😄

I do not want violence presented in any way as positive. (And I do not like playing bad persons anymore.) I can perfectly enjoy a game with much violence as long as it is not idealized, not presented as light, easy, good, enjoyable, positive... (most typical in ttrpg : expecting the PC to fight as the solution, combat as sport...)

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