BTW, mastodon has thoroughly eclipsed Twitter as the meeting place for developers and clear-thinking users. I don't imagine you'll see too many more Twitter links from me.

And lo, the entire D&D 5th edition System Reference Document has been published under a Creative Commons license. At the end of the day that’s one of the most culturally significant CC releases ever. Wild. Thanks to all who advocated. #TTRPG #CreativeCommons


Ahh... I mean sure. But only a melon would publish under 1.0a at this point. The Creative Commons for the D&D SRD is rather more relevant.

Oh! Which means that when Level Up takes the plunge you'll get the full rules for D&D 5e AND everything under Level Up 5e which is _rather more generous_ and offers rather more support.

Significantly outdoes

So @montecook, are MCG now going to release the core system under , and join such great games as Blades in the Dark, Dungeon World, Gumshoe, and Fate?

The is such a small amount of content that putting it under has only benefits, and zero cost -- rules can't be copyrighted, and the was perpetual. Many other games already use CC. Negative association with brand doesn't make sense, as the SRD doesn't contain any brand stuff.

Another upside, is that it leapfrogs the and crowd -- so are Paizo , , Chaosium all now going to move to Creative Commons as well? That would be great.

RT florianfielitz: „They focus on mails. [..] It just works“ ❤️Read here why researcher Wouter Groeneveld said goodbye to @protonmail and switched to @mailbox_org 👉

Ironsworn: Starforged is now available in print through Modiphius! Order online, or check with your favorite local game store about stocking or ordering Starforged.

Modiphius US:

Modiphius UK:

I've also added a new "buy" page to the official website with links for purchasing Ironsworn, Delve, and Starforged:

Thanks, as always, for supporting my creative endeavors!

#ironsworn #starforged #ttrpg

I got TeslaMate ( up and running via docker, so I can start collecting some data from my new car, and just did my first trip (to the shops at lunch).

Just a simple docker compose deploy, with PostgreSQL for the database, Grafana for the reporting, and Mosquitto (MQTT) for integration.

It runs on my own local server (QNAP NAS), but could be your own server in the cloud (you would need to add a secure proxy in front for access), and calls the Tesla API for realtime data.

New breach: Zurich Japan had 2.6M records compromised earlier this month with 756k unique email addresses. Data also included names, genders, DoBs and insured vehicle info. 19% were already in @haveibeenpwned. Read more:

Of a half dozen pages on how to remove dual boot Linux (I'm giving an old computer to someone else) only one of them had a sanity check to change the default boot loader first, and make sure it was working (reboot a few times) before deleting the Linux partition. All the rest said to delete Linux first, then try and repaid/fix the boot, which seems quite crazy! The safe article:

It is surprising how complicated mechanics can be in even simple systems. Scum & Villainy / Blades in the Dark / has a ~20 step process to resolve action rolls (considering each bonus or decision that can apply).

Sydney Alt.NET is back this month (Jan 24th) with a major format change!

Get all the details at

Add it to your calendar, boost this toot, and spread the word in whatever way works best for you!🙂

IPv6 Coming to Azure AD.
Microsoft will begin introducing IPv6 support into Azure AD services in a phased approach, starting March 31st, 2023.
#microsoft #ipv6 #azure #azure #azuread #azureactivedirectory #ipv4 #conditionalaccess #microsoftentra #identity #identityprovider #idp #iam #iag

Took me a while, but just realised the Tesla models are based on l33t -- they even have t-shirt/clothes with S3XY on them. Nice.

Have upgraded my to Matter and now have: iPhone --[ ]--> Apple (as controller) --[WiFi IPv6]--> (as border router) --[Thread mesh]--> Eve Energy

I was there was the original OGL was created. I know first hand how hard those drafting it tried to sincerely make it so that it would last forever and would never screw over anyone that used it. So when we decided to create a Cypher System open license with the same goals, of course we used the OGL as a model. And now after two days of potential WotC shenanigans, people are looking at our open license as though it's dodgy. Sigh.

Well, I've spent the last couple of days torn between YouTube and the brand-new #DefendTheOGL Discord trying to keep track of what is... apparently... #Hasbro #WotC trying to single-handedly destroy the entire fucking #ttrpg industry.

I'm not losing much, saved again by my own incompetence, but I'm retooling my own projects to never rely on the fruits of Hasbro's poisoned tree ever again.

#OpenDND #OpenGaming

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