We are going to this weekend and taking our daughter and some of her friends; one of the parents offered me petrol money, but I drive an ... so that doesn't work as there is no petrol :-)

Looks like Meta is going to get that distinction, if they complete the integration of Threads.

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Really enjoyed the urban fantasy series on set in Norway, that just finished with season 3.

One suggestion though is stop at season 3 episode 5, which I thought was a good ending.

Do not watch the alternate ending in season 3 episode 6, at least not immediately. In my opinion it was weak, inconsistent and completely negated a lot of character development and plot lines.

The rest of the show is great. Stop at S3E05.

Germany once again leading the #MastodonMigration: The parliament of the federal state of #RheinlandPfalz stops posting to #X/#Twitter and will use #Mastodon instead.

It speaks of problematic developments under #ElonMusk and says, that for example #Nazi content is now barely moderated over there. And also that the significance of Twitter shrinks.

Here it is: @ltrlp

#SocialMedia #TwitterTakeover #Fediverse


mantle for follower, based on 4E drawing; planning to wear for D&D in a Castle.

It occurred to me today that the social value of the open-source work I do in my free time has probably been an order of magnitude more useful to the world than everything I've ever done as a paid employee. Needing to seek a wage almost certainly makes me a less productive member of society than I would otherwise be.

We are hard at work at Gen Con setting up our room-- where you can play demos, join in on a full game, and browse and buy our products (including the Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game!)

Visit us in Room ICC 132 at Gen Con 2023!

Very nice to see #wordpress embrace @matrix -- and now a Wordpress login is all you need to start chatting. make.wordpress.org/meta/2023/0

I've long moved away from Wordpress (Hugo FTW) but Matrix is a daily part of my life and we're seeing good adoption in our #Kamailio nodes.

Spent the day in a camp at today. Lots of crowds, although I think they capped the numbers at 10,000 (& sold out).

At encampment, at Abbey Mediaeval Festival (Brisbane, Australia)

So, launched: about.fb.com/news/2023/07/intr

I don't need an account, just like I don't need a Gmail account, because (once they federate), my existing Fediverse account will work fine to interact with them.

I see a whole lot of weird assumptions/accusations/misunderstanding about Threads and similar. That's not how federation works; and we have some good exising comparison/evidence from things like Gmail vs small email players.

Having Facebook/Instagram/Threads federated just means I can follow people that use those services and see their messages and interactions. It does not mean that Meta will send me adverts, algorithm-feeds, or anything like that; I just see the friend I followed (same as any other Fediverse account).

Well, I mean they *could* technically start spamming me with fake messages from my friend that contains adverts (just like Gmail could start sending out spam to email accounts around the world). But why would they? That would get them blacklisted.

That's not how they make money. Meta (like Gmail) doesn't make money by sending spam; they make money from showing adverts, feeds, etc to *their* users. So, my friend (on Threads) will be the one seeing all the adverts, algorithm feeds, etc. Adding federation might make them more likely to stay (because they can now also see my), but won't affect my feed.

Threads will compete with other fediverse sites by offering a better client, better search, wider apps, and additional features (because of a larger dev team), just like Gmail does for email -- but at a price of showing *their* users adverts, etc (or charging).

So each user has a choice: use Gmail/Threads with features but at the cost of adverts, or you a small/your own fediverse/email server.

The benefit of federation is that each user has the to make that choice, yet they can still communicate with each other.

Interesting race/driving test between three cars; all three did great, although the used the freeway. Video here: youtube.com/watch?v=6xUmZXoqaD

@stux I agree with your decision. In fact, Meta's Threads will be much more vulnerable to lose users to other instances once they learn how the #fediverse works. Why would I choose to be on a comercial plataform like Meta's, where I am exposed to ads all the time, if I can migrate to an instance which is ad-free?


Thankfully you have the functionality at your fingertips to slam the door shut on those dragons any time you want. So does everyone else, but that is *their* choice to make.

As you can probably guess I'm strongly against admins defederating other instances wholesale and taking the freedom/choice away from their users. Unless it's to counter something that's illegal or promotes hate or prejudice.


@jose @stux They can't serve you ads on your instance. They can already extract data and surveil you as is because the fediverse isn't private.

Remembering this old bit from Wired talking about if people talked about cookbooks the way they talk about RPG manuals:

It would be better for the world for Russia to lose.

When aggression results in loss, it disincentivizes aggression.

Libertarians seek a world without aggression, where humans interact in exclusively consensual ways.

Aggression should be consigned to history.

#Libertarian #Peace

Mastodon: On the bird site, The Algorithm determined who sees your posts, but here, if people follow you, they get all of your posts!

Also Mastodon: Your server admin is in an pissing match with the admin of a popular server, so now you've been defederated and 15% of your followers won't hear from you anymore.

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