Gamer family. When your son says he's going to the D&D masquerade ball at uni, and then your daughter pops in and says "Dad, I need a Player's Handbook", and your wife is asking when the next game is...

I've finished off my blog post series on with , on the blog, and how OTel is now built into the core of .NET. It includes a brief nod to Azure Hub now having built in support for Trace Context.

Here is part 2 -

The full code is also up on Github:

Yay! I passed the renewal for my Speciality. The content was mostly about the new features, which is the area I work in at , so it was not too hard (provided you know the material :-)

Anyone else in the fediverse who works on civic/advocacy tech? If so, I'd love to follow you.

(and if that's not you, feel free to boost so the message finds people who are)

Looking for an update/replacement of an old version of Balsamiq for wireframe design and just came across @penpot which looks really promising, although I'd really like a sketchy / hand drawn style for lo-fi designs.

We really need more texts on software engineering that approach the practice from a higher level. Too many textbooks become irrelevant quickly because they're too tied into current trends instead of approaching the field from 10,000 feet and looking for common patterns that occur regardless of language, paradigm, or decade.

Haroon, a colleague at has recently write a short blog piece on the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, through and - in other words, the metaverse:

Abbey Mediaeval Festival is massive this year.

Abbey Mediaeval Festival is back on this year and massive. Heaps of people here.

For this first Mastodon Hour, the main topic will be "Help others find their reason to support free software." This is the theme of our spring fundraiser, which is going on now. Our secondary topic will be "decentralization and federation," and what better place to discuss this than on a decentralized service such as Mastodon!

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I had a good time doing the RPGenesis jam a couple of years ago. It was timed exactly for when my wife and son would be out of town. I designed and wrote A Viricorne Guide in a week. It is the most publishable writing I've ever done in a week.

I've setup a public Matrix space for discussion related to "Computer Chronicles" and my blog. Feel free to join here!

It is great that Abbey Mediaeval Festival is on again after disruptions the last few years. I'll be there on the Sunday.

Excited to be seeing Penn & Teller here in Australia tonight.

Nice. Espressif now have a dual-band (5GHz) Wi-Fi 6 system, although not sure what you would do with all that speed on an device.

RT from PlatformIO (@PlatformIO_Org)

#TechnologyPartner 🚀 Introducing ESP32-C5: Espressif’s first Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 MCU
The industry’s first RISC-V SoC solution that supports 2.4 and 5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi 6, along with Bluetooth LE
📌 #EmbeddedSystems #Electronics #IoT #BLE #ESP32

Original tweet :

I'll be speaking next month on 07 Jul at the Brisbane .NET User Group, on Modern Distributed Tracing with .NET, so come and check it out if you are local.

Another week, another TWIM! Come hear all about's matrix-rust-sdk bindings for Node & JS, Synapse 1.61, Quadrix, a new P2P Matrix project called MessageHub, and more!!

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