I know I’m critical and judgemental and I’m sorry. I encourage you all to criticize my work and judge me all you want. I might ask for some time or that we talk about things and come to conviction on things however. I promise that same experience in return.

List of services in Azure (from May this year): msandbu.org/ipv6-support-in-mi

I generally use Azure virtual servers, which support dual stack, with a public IP (which supports IPv6).

Dog fooding GitHub features and my own social media service means that 90% of my internet is always questionably broken and my fault

The thing where Tumblr and maybe Flickr are embracing ActivityPub is just so interesting to me

For years now the single biggest challenge in launching new social software has been bootstrapping new social graphs for your users

Around 2010 the answer was to use FB and Twitter APIs, but those have got more restricted over time and don't really feel like a safe bet to build on in 2022

Having smaller (but still huge!) networks embrace an open standard feels like a HUGE leap forward

World-building question: Do you have any food-themed holidays in your tabletop games?

In the game I'm running, the local temple bakes a huge cake to feed everyone in town. The players have been getting increasingly creative with it as the festival approaches.

#ttrpg #WorldBuilding #DnD

After hearing some feedback,a nd wanting to be fair in my representation, I have change the title of the article. It is now:

Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, Caves to Nazi’s Agenda

I think we can all agree thats a more faithful title.


🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
Sp I wrote a pretty lengthy blog post entitled: Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, Found to Support Nazi’s Agenda Sadly I wish it was clickbait. You ...

CISA is as close to being a federal law enforcement agency as the Library of Congress is.

Like... calls of ACAB, or "They're the Feds!!!"... do y'all know what CISA does?

They study cyber/hacking attacks on the US (and elsewhere) and disseminate that info out.

The most controversial thing they've done so far is to call out then President Donald Trump bullshit about the election being stolen (which was disinformation, an intentional lie). The first director was fired by tweet from Trump because of it.

Y'all do what you want to do. And I firmly believe official government Mastodon instances should be created to house official government Mastodon accounts... but I'd argue at least be accurate in your defederations.

Like, if you don't want ANY US govt accounts, cool. But why pick CISA in particular? What about Department of Transportation?

Also... you can just block the individual account. Blocking one of the largest Mastodon instances -one of the core places that is analyzing and contributing to secure coding of Mastodon so y'all don't get hacked into- for a couple of accounts (even for purposes for "making an example of") is like burning down a house to get rid of a spider.

Anyhow, y'all do you all.

Something I find extremely funny is the fact cryptocurrency was invented in response to distrust of banks post-2008. But as a result of the financial crisis banks got heavily regulated, whereas crypto didn't because it was new. Now you have crypto exchanges doing stuff even pre-2008 banks would have struggled to get away with like straight up printing money out of thin air and using customer deposits to buy penthouses for the CEO's parents.

Doing a bit of an experiment. Boost if you agree!

Trans rights are human rights.

Black lives matter.

No human is illegal.

Love is love.

Her body is her choice.

Science is real.

Kindness is everything.

Digital edition of #Dragonlance pre-order has arrived. Time to settle in for some all-day reading!

#dnd #rpg

Fun thing we hope to see happens...

#Twitter is literally 1/5th (minimum) of the entire internet, which means it's the biggest #OSENT resource for the #NSA, #FBI & #CIA.

If #elonmusk is tanking their biggest spy ring...

So the Tumblr owner tweeted (how ironic) they would be adopting ActivityPub, but lets wait to see something actually happen. Articles pointed to "WordPress supports ActivityPub" , but it's actually a third party plugin by mastodon.social/@pfefferle (great plugin - I use it on my blog).

Every once in a while, I stumble across a quote that tells me that what we play today as a #ttrpg is nothing at all like #garygygax intended. And I'm ok with that:

> Number of Players: At least one
> referee and from four to fifty
> players can be handled in any
> single campaign, but the referee
> to player ratio should be about
> 1:20 or thereabouts.

Hi Folks! 👋🏻

Time for that #Introduction post:

🏢: #Microsoft employee, currently driving our #Passwordless story for #AzureAD customers. Also #FIDO, #FIDO2, #phishing-resistant, #UX, #A11y, and please dear gods, #EnableMFA.
🏡: Seattle Exurbs
👨🏻‍👩🏻‍👧🏻‍👦🏻: #workingmom, fam of 4.
Enjoy 🥖, 👩🏻‍🍳, 🚤,🐈
Looking forward to learning more about #indieweb!

I don't remember why I have tiny dice, but I finally got a tiny container that can fit in my pocket, so now it's tabletop time always. They do make quite a rattling sound when I walk, though.

#dice #TTRPG

I finally got time to redo my #ttrpg website! Very happy with the new look and streamlined look. Yay productivity! #indiegame #indiedev
#pbta #decuma #smallpress

Since being on mastodon, as I slowly move out of the bird app, I have found that I’m missing the #indigenous and #Navajo community that made it difficult for me to decide to leave Twitter.

Absolutely mastodon has a more positive and welcoming environment here, which I’m loving. But Im in search of #indigenous and other #bipoc accounts.

Just finished an epic Burning Wheel campaign I have been playing every 2-3 weeks or so since January 2018 (108 sessions)!

You should use a that supports such as AirVPN, PerfectPrivacy, or HideMe. As well as IPv6, is , supports , you can pay by , and they also endorse airvpn.org/

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