Just yesterday I was saying it here: the world would be a better place if more people start writing blogs.

Here is an article about it:

Nobody cares about your blog.


You can use it as notes to your future self. After some years you’ll have a nice journal of how you have evolved over the years. Rereading your old texts is like communicating with your past self.

Again, this part is where Zuck is SO good at making FB addictive - ‘Memories’ in FB. I know many people who don’t update much on FB anymore but visit the it because of Memories.

@Deus Absolutely. That's one of the only purposes for my old FB account.

Ironically, I have written a post about this! :-D


Oh yes! It’s ‘On this day’. My friends (who are moms now) love it and they’ll comment on it with stuff like, ‘…time flies’ to give it a bump - cute in a way :-)

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