Via Eric Columbus:

This is ugly stuff. Judge Juan Merchan comes from Colombia. He moved to the U.S. as a kid.

Remarkably, Judge Aileen Cannon was also born in Colombia — but I doubt Trump knows that.

#Trump: The judge hates Donald Trump. Take a look at him. Take a look at where he comes from

it's called "the Microsoft Recall" and it's the raunchy new spyware craze sweeping the nation

Imagine what an anti-abortion red state or a fascist Trump administration (or some other future evil administration) would do with features like #Microsoft's "recording everything you do on your PC" and the #Google and Microsoft plans to listen in on your private phone calls.

I don't give a damn if these firms claim the data is stored on the devices. Devices can be confiscated, stolen, or courts can order pretty much anything done with that data.

These firms are selling us all down the river with this stuff.

Trump’s team claimed that their tax law would boost household income by $4,000.

Well, the numbers are in.

New research shows that workers who earned less than $114,000 saw “no change in earnings.”

Meanwhile, top executive salaries increased sharply.

It was always a scam.

I just got a letter about this from them, drumming up donations. By all means contribute.…
SPLC and Community of Royal Continue to Challenge Florida's Attempt to Rewrite Black History #community #national

Jaw-dropper in Montana: the AP is reporting that the Republican attorney general admitted on recording that he recruited a challenger in the primary so he could raise more money and skirt campaign finance rules.

Leonard Leo - May 11, 2017:

“I’ve seen that comment about the third of the Supreme Court. I prefer controlling interests, but we haven’t quite been able to launch a hostile takeover yet.”

Idle question of the day: who is the original nitwit that thought uppercase I (i) and lowercase l (L) should be the same symbol?

@GreenFire @AE4WX @dworkin The problem with today's "Republicans" is, that the majority of them in fact aren't Republicans.
They're militant enemies of Abraham Lincoln's world of thought, his Republican Party & his understanding of a free, democratically governed nation without masters & slave.
Would that be reconcilable with enemies of democracy?
Hard to imagine.

#RuleOfLaw #Democracy #DefensiveDemocracy


I'm going to remember the names of the billionaires who funded Trump.

Over 133 of them, that we know of, funded an attack on American democracy.

That attack continues

Tim Dunn
Kelcy Warren
Ken Griffin
Steve Schwarzman
Bernie Marcus
Charles Koch
Barre Seid
Farris Wilks
Jeff Yass
Ike Perlmutter
JJ Ricketts
Jacob Helberg
Charles Schwab
Linda McMahon
Warren Stephens
Paul Singer
Ron Lauder
Patrick Ryan
Steve Wynn
Omeed Malik
Jeffrey Sprecher

I'm getting increasingly annoyed by #Friendica 's rogue move when I step away from the computer to eat a bite of lunch, come back to resume scrolling the feed, but when I click on the Like button, the goddamn thing takes it upon itself to autorefresh and the post disappears heavily buried in the stream never to be seen again....AND in my settings I have the refresh turned completely OFF.

Hey Friendica designers, I'm rapidly progressing from annoyance to being thoroughly pissed.

Seven-year old: “sometimes I wish I were a tiger because it’s scary to tell someone that you like them but tigers can just pee to let everyone know that they’re looking for a mate.”

“Growth hackers will break every other finger on your hand just to ensure that theirs wins the thumb-wrestling match.”

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Olga #Loiek has seen her face appear in various videos on Chinese social media - a result of easy to use generative AI tools available online.

“I don't want anyone to think that I ever said these horrible things in my life. Using a Ukrainian girl for a face promoting Russia. It's crazy.”

“I could see my face and hear my voice. But it was all very creepy, because I saw myself saying things that I never said,”

#Ukraine #Russia #China #AI

This happened to me today while reading negative reviews of a flip-phone on Amazon today. Let's just say quite a few people from the smartphone era have no idea how a non-smart-phone works. smh

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