Republicans passed a ~$2 trillion tax cut for the rich and added $7 trillion to the national debt under Trump. And we're supposed to believe they're risking a shutdown because they care about "fiscal responsibility"?

It's all just a game to them.

It's amazing how shitty people are to service workers. These people will scoff at service workers being paid a fair wage. They'll be incensed when service workers don't act like it's a privilege to take their orders. They'll point at them and tell their kids to do good in school or they'll end up like them. Yet, despite all of this, these same people will lose their shit when these jobs are understaffed and just blame the problem on "People not wanting to work."

The media will never show you these real Americans giving Trump Tower the finger.

A reigning homecoming queen in Texas wore a Mexican heritage stole to her graduation. Now, her school says she can't crown her successor. |

Recommendation regarding 'curated' accounts @ClimateMigration and @AstroMigration

Some users do not like how these accounts flood their home feed. Here is a suggestion. You can now remove the contents of a List from your home feed. Create a new list, add the curated account, and go to settings (slider bar icon at top right) and toggle "Hide these posts from home". Your home feed will no longer receive boosted posts from this account, but you can still view them by clicking on the list.

@lovelylovely [Trump voice:] "You put up signs saying, Vote for Trump — big, beautiful signs, three feet wide at least — and right after the first rainfall you see it, the paint washes right off, and those stupid signs suddenly say, Republicans for Biden. It is such a disgrace. Biden got money from Ukraine, and they bought all the sign companies, and now Hunter Biden is printing those signs in the basement of a pizza parlor using the laptop from hell. And the signs are rigged! They are rigged!"

"Even Satan is using a fan"

Brazil Bakes in Unprecedented Spring Heatwave With Devastating Ferocity!

The country, with a tropical climate and the most populated in Latin America, is under the effects of a phenomenon of extreme temperatures in a large part of its territory, with devastating effects in the southern region, where the passage of a cyclone left 50 dead.
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatechange

David McCallum (1933-2023) — Emmy-nominated star of THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. and NCIS.

He also appeared in movies like THE GREAT ESCAPE and THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD in a 70-year career. #RIPDavidMcCallum

Nothing says, "social media need no public oversight", like Elon Musk sharing copyright protected video, then being told that he is breaking the law… but not responding, because he does not need to, as he is both the lawmaker, the police and the judge in the virtual world he now controls.

American lawmakers really need to wake up.

Wouldn't cockroach probably have been a better name for crabs?

*Now* we come to it. Donald may have just said publicly that one of the witnesses in his Federal January 6 case should be killed.

Stochastic terrorism. Witness tampering. Violation of conditions of release from prison pending trial.

#DoJCrimDiv #NatSec


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The Democrats @senatedems mustn’t sink to the level of the Republicans @senategop . Our elected officials must be held to a higher standard. If you are indicted by the Department of Justice you should be compelled to resign. Absent accountability we get impunity and lawlessness.

I'm thinking of doing an experiment:

1. I'll create a bunch of LLC AIs and I'll train each one on a different set of right wing "information", such as faux news, certain selected websites, etc. The goal is to create a rough AI maga community. I will probably also feed reading lists from evangelical sources and maybe the $0.00 books on Amazon (which tend to be right wing screeds and conspiracy theories.)

2. Then like the old Perry-and-Eliza hack of days of old, I'll have these AI magas talk to one another (and learn from one another.)

I'm curious what kind of mentality they will exhibit at the end.

Later I could brew in some of the really awful "history" stuff from The History Channel and Smithsonian Channel.

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