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The votes do, and if these people manage to swing them towards Trump, they will be among the first to go up against the wall when fascism takes over.

The "lesser of two evils" framing is indeed BS, because it's based on the idea that your favorite, but unelectable, candidate deserves to win so all of the electable ones are "evil".

Trump is evil. Biden is good. Only a vote for Biden stops Trump. Only a vote for Biden means future votes.

#uspol #AbandonBiden

@sundogplanets I used to play this game in Wyoming. Only lost once during a blinding blizzard. It would have been very bad since the shoulder sloped down steeply at the edges of the road, but I pulled off a miraculous recovery. I'm still amazed to this day that I got the van back on the road and continued to my destination.

@spocko I think he wants it to fail. Or maybe Tesla is just clowning people. Hahaha.

@cfiesler This is always the case, from very small startups on up. The money-man gets the fame and credit. The guy(s) who invented and created the thing get nothing.

In this case we're talking about women, but the mechanism is the same.

Hannity is an evil white supremacist.

Remember his Nazi friend" Hal Turner? I do.

Former Fox News Host Calls Sean Hannity An 'Arsonist' | HuffPost Latest News huffpost.com/entry/gretchen-ca


> Harvard Gutted Initial Team Examining Facebook Files Following $500 Million Donation from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Whistleblower Aid Client Reveals. live-whistleblower-aid.pantheo


It really is infuriating. I read a few weeks ago that the "plan" is to create a scenario where no candidate gets 270 seats. If that happens, the GOP controlled house gets the honor of making the POTUS choice.

@jonny True. They only notice it because it's different from their expectation, something they take for granted and "obvious" so it becomes a big deal for them.

Also, gender is a complex topic. Humans are complicated, which is what makes us fascinating to study. Fascism and libertarianism attract simple-minded people who want everything to be yes, no, 1, 0, black, white. No thinking required. Gray areas are to be avoided at all cost because they require thinking, making decisions, and taking responsibility. These are very uncomfortable things for about half the population.

@lovelylovely Yeah, he would burn it all down if he thought he'd end up in a position of power. That's what he's trying to create. Voters however, seem to have a different view, one that's drifting away from his fantasy.

@lovelylovely I guess Matt's not paying attention to the polls but staying in his warm fuzzy fantasy.

@knittingknots2 Well they better get unscared because if they let this go on it will reach a point where they'll get arrested for "having thoughts."

@JenWojcik It's a U.S. thing because no one except American Indians have deep roots here. We're all from someplace else and that's been a really big deal for people since the first Europeans came here. People say the USA is the great melting pot but it's anything but. In the U.S., people from different cultures mix like oil and water.

My German roots go back over a thousand years. My Estonian roots go back 5,000 years. I'm from there, I belong there. Yes, I was born in the U.S. 70 years ago but I'm not from here and never will be. Everyone subconsciously knows they're not from here so they amplify their differences in an effort to belong to a real culture which the U.S. does not have.

This problem is easily visible throughout U.S. history and it doesn't go away with time.

if buying isn’t owning, then piracy isn’t stealing
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