@kinsey Hah! Well, it's confirmation that there are a variety of opinions on this.

At first glance the voting seems clear as mud, but the result would have been more definitive had I asked a different question. Thus far, "5 PM sharp" is clearly outnumbered by "open a few minutes early". Once it's over I'll extract the thoughts expressed in the thread and present all the results to the staff and owners. There may be points raised here that change some minds.

Again, I thank everyone for participating.

51 years ago today, Hewlett-Packard introduced the first scientific hand-held calculator, the HP-35
buff.ly/3jnMEjS #technology #Today

cbc.ca/amp/1.6724175 TL;DR battery manufacturers have unknowingly been using wrong tape inside battery cells causing discharge, shortened life. Change tape from PET = better battery life #battery #science #canada #research

Hunter Biden's legal team is on the offensive, demanding state & federal investigations into the dissemination of material from his laptop, & threatening a defamation lawsuit against Fox's Tucker Carlson for allegedly failing to correct false statements.


On my watch, the great American road trip is going to be fully electrified.

And now, through a tax credit, you can get up to $7,500 on a new electric vehicle.

@mekkaokereke Part of the peace treaty ending the 30 year civil war in Guatemala was to revamp the corrupt police. Guatemala has a national police force, not local police departments.

I was living in Guatemala when this was implemented. They fired everyone. 35,000 police, top to bottom, fired.

Spain is considered the world's experts on policing. (They invented the idea of civilian police long ago.) And they implemented the process.

The whole country had no police. And me, I'm thinking "We're all gonna die. Criminals will run rampant." But guess what happened? Nothing happened. The crime rate went down. And this was when I learned that the vast majority of people are good and honest, and all they want is to live their lives in peace.

Why did crime go down? I believe it was a combination of police corruption being part of the crime problem and the people themselves. Because there were no police, the people were extra vigilant and the criminals knew it. Criminals realized: "Now is not a good time to do crimes. The police are not here to arrest me and keep me safe. I'll probably be lynched in an extremely unpleasant manner." (True.)

This was good because the process of building a new police force took longer than expected, months. Only those who had graduated high school (for real with good behavior, no equivalency test) were considered. Any officer with authority, sergeants and above had to have earned a college degree. All had to pass the stringent training set up by the experts from Spain.

It all turned out great. Wages were boosted way up so that cops didn't need bribes in order to support a family. They were provided with all new equipment. The whole manner of the new police force changed to what you find in Europe. But during the transition process, nothing significant happened. And I realized that we in the U.S.A. are brainwashed into believing that cops protect us from crime. They don't.


I don't drive white people's cars. Not joking. If a white friend asks me to drive their car, the answer is usually no. White folk can drive cars with minor issues without getting pulled over, but Black folk can't.

I don't drive my own car the entire month before the tags are due to expire.

I avoid certain entire cities. Part of my problem was I was often the one Black guy driving in the white town. For example, in over 25 years in Cali I've never once been pulled over in Oakland.🤷🏿‍♂️

@mekkaokereke @ristkof Yup, I don't doubt it for a second. I went for a year and a half with an expired inspection sticker before I finally got pulled over. I'm sure it would have been much quicker if I were black.

I mean, inspection stickers here are brightly colored with a holographic pattern. You can't possibly miss the color of the sticker on an oncoming car. It's an easy catch for a cop to write a slam-dunk $135 ticket.

People here in West Virginia (who are almost all white) argue there's no such thing as systemic racism. And they truly believe it.

It went down into the single digits last night so I went out and did the frozen soap bubble thing. It was ~6°F when I made these photos in Reno. I need to experiment with a different soap solution chemistry. All of my bubbles froze with polygon shapes. I didn't get any with a fern leaf looking shape which I think looks better.

@elaterite Beautiful. I should have tried that when we had our crazy cold snap here in West Virginia a month ago. It hovered around zero F for several days.

I was focused on the boiling water to snow trick, which needs colder temps around -20F and forgot about the soap bubbles. Phooey.

What is my worst crime?

1) I choose mashed cauliflower over mashed potatoes.

2) I have no qualms about taking the last doughnut or the last slice of pizza.

3) I have no trouble sleeping, ever.

4) I will attempt early morning conversation before you've had your coffee.

@kimberlyseville Yeah, the walk inside the restaurant is farther than from the car. However, on three special night, New Years Eve, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, what I said isn't true. It's like a traffic jam with cars everywhere and the walk might be farther. But only on those nights that are exceptional anyway. We extend hours from 4 PM to 10 PM on those nights.

@kimberlyseville No significant walking. 15 to 30 feet max to the door, shaded from the sun except in the morning. But we're never open in the morning.

The poll is still running but I want to thank everyone who has voted and expressed views and opinions. This poll is turning out much more useful and informative than I expected.

Thank you all!!!

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@kimberlyseville Oh, to your other question, a server is there to greet people as they come in and take them to their table.

@kimberlyseville It's rare for people to arrive early but it does happen. Regular customers just sit in their car until 5 PM.

@kevinrns Because what's being done is all the prep -- salad made, bread prepped, tables set, candles lit, fireplace started, coffee made, broiler preheated, on and on. They're not ready for people to come in until 5 PM. It takes hours to get ready for customers to come in.

That's why people are divided on the question of whether to open a few minutes early.

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