Musk is confused and ignorant. He is in fact omitting civilization from the discussion. Free speech is not unlimited nor absolute and never has been. The U.S. Bill of Rights is not absolute either. The Bill of Rights can be overridden by an even more fundamental concept of civilization: You do not have the right to endanger or harm your fellow citizens.

If freedom of expression was absolute then I could go murder someone and claim, "He needed killing. I was just expressing myself." In a civilized society I cannot do that, QED.

@shuttersparks Also, Muskrat is the enemy of free speech. We know he's banning leftist accounts at the behest of literal fascists. This is nothing but a big lie.

Fascists never want any kind of freedom of expression, not even with common-sense restrictions. Muskrat's goal, and the goal of all fascists, is to silence the opposition by any means necessary.

Eventually liberals will figure this out when he starts coming for more of their accounts.

@EvilWriter Exactly. I was pointing out that, regardless of what he's trying to accomplish, his arguments are fundamentally flawed. His followers are apparently just as ignorant of their country and government as he is.

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