#bee swarm down the street. Tiny. Did not see a queen. Wonder if they are lost. Put a waxed frame next to then and they all crawled right on!


@ai6yr Interesting. I was trained from an early age, by my mother, who was utterly terrified of bees, who was allergic to bee stings, to be utterly terrified of bees, wasps, etc. I am not allergic to bee stings or wasp stings, as it turns out.

27 years ago, I began to actively combat this mental debility. With the guidance of a friend, 20 years ago I learned how to and kept a hive of bees in Florida. I pushed myself and quickly overcame my fears. I was astounded at the behavior of and friendship I built with my hive of domestic bees. I was absolutely shocked at the reality of the term "domestic" in this context. They ARE domestic. My bees knew me. They recognized my face. They knew that I was the one that brought them warm sugar syrup on cold winter nights and sat with them at their hive, observing, close up, inches away. They'd gather on my hands and arms to gain the warmth. Not once was I ever stung by any of my bees. Never. This whole experience was quite mind-blowing at the time. I miss them even now.

@shuttersparks I understand how people can be afraid, I mean, bees *are* armed with stingers. But, as long as you understand them, they are fine. First sting--mild, through a suit and a shirt-- in two or three years yesterday working a hive (hot queen, defensive hive). We'll be replacing her...

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