I cannot get over the rank stupidity of abstinence-based "sexual education". In quotes because it's the opposite: they do their work by trying to NOT give info to the kids.

Because, they're thinking, of course if kids don't find out about how to do sex, then obviously they won't do any sex, because they won't know how, ha-ha, checkmate you dumb kids!

But hear me out: sex isn't difficult to figure out. "Hey, does this feel good? Yes. No, not that. This. Yep. Keep doing that. How's this? Good? Good."

What they won't know is how to keep themselves safer, how to not be pregnant, what a good relationship looks like, how to communicate with your partner. All the things that make for successful living together.

They're deliberately setting their kids up for failure, and claiming it makes them holier than everyone else. It's kind of enraging.


@oldladyplays I made this argument 40 years ago in front of a school board. Sex has a billion years of design behind it. It's foolproof.

Do you think you're clever for figuring it out yourself? An idiot can figure it out. This is not an accident.

Teenagers are focused almost exclusively on sex. Every single thing they do is filtered through that focus. You're not going to change this no matter how much you think you ought to. We are designed to make babies.

From Nature's standpoint it is our ONLY relevant function. Yes. Only. Our only relevant function is to pass on our genes. Everything else is decoration. The big brains, high IQ, multitude of talents, all exist or are side-effects of improvements in our ability to win mates and pass on our genes.

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