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My friend the brilliant author Rachel Pollack is coming to the end of her life. She won the Nebula, World Fantasy and Arthur C Clarke awards. She is a world renowned expert on Tarot, and her books on Tarot are still regarded as the good standard. She created the first trans superhero, in Doom Patrol in '93. I will miss her very much when she goes. I am writing this at the request of her wife Zoe, to let her friends know that the end is soon, and to let the obituarists know too.

More proof that a government bailout would go straight to the pockets of the 1%: Hedge funds are reportedly offering 60-80 cents on the dollar for certain #SVB assets. This tells us 2 things: there's profit to be made on the assets of SVB *and* the 20%-40% loss would be the amount that taxpayers would be gifting to the a—holes that literally directed this meltdown.

Mitt Romney Drops Truth Bomb on Silicon Valley Bank: Shareholders Should ‘Lose It All’

Larry Summer sat on a beach and said a bunch of people need to lose their jobs to get inflation under control.

Perhaps we need to have a bunch of oligarchs lose their money in a bank run to get our financial system under control.

I think the term is: moral hazard

Someone just called me an “epistemic superpredator” and it was supposed to be an insult but it’s the best thing anyone has ever called me. It’s going on my business cards.

Libertarians are the antivaxxers of economic regulation: having never lived in a world without it, they've deluded themselves into thinking stability is naturally occurring.

Folks on the radio saying we don't need masks in schools until that school has an outbreak of like 40% of the school.

What's the point then? 40% already infected.

I don't get this "wait until after the car crash happens then everyone not injured can put in a seatbelt"

We knew it was only a matter of time before Grimes' ex husband booted us off his platform like a failed SpaceX satellite.

The time for relying on corporate social media platforms has been over for a long time now.

We're stoked at the growth of community here on mastodon and we hope to use this platform to share anarchist, anticapitalist and anticolonial videos for years to come.

Wild story: A group of conservative Catholics has spent millions of dollars to buy mobile app tracking data to identify priests who used gay dating and hookup apps

"A new surveillance frontier in which private individuals can track other Americans’ locations and activities using commercially available information"


“Temperatures in more than a dozen Chinese cities have hit record seasonal highs this week, with central China’s Wuhan and Zhengzhou more than 10C hotter than average for early March, official data showed.” 😳

The harm Fox has caused to America, viewers, employees... is unfathomable. Punitive damages should be in the BILLIONS$: Filings have shown that Fox’s top execs admonished members of the news team for their “disrespect” to the network’s audience. A text exchange with former Fox producer Phil Vogel, who told her he was taking a pay cut & forgoing 6 weeks paid leave to get out of the network bc “I couldn’t defend” their voter fraud coverage to his daughter-:

@WestCoastChelle @baba_lilith @merileedkarr

"But I'm not even sick" is how my in-laws announce that they have Covid.

Landed in Oakland, California, US. Apx. flt. time 3 Hours : 49 Mins.

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