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Compare that daguerreotype with this recent movie, from the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, showing the highest-resolution images of our Sun ever produced. Some of the details are only about 20 miles across.


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FROM Washington - “Death toll rises to 26 after storms pummel South, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic”

#VAwx #MDwx #DCwx #Tornado #TornadoRecovery

Also, I’d bet my soul that #LongCovid is orders of magnitude more common than most people think because of the many people I know who almost certainly have it, only a handful have been willing to make even a tenuous connection between their post infection health issues & Covid.

Not sure how to answer. Was a daily user of Twitter for 15 years. Daily user of the Fediverse for 5 years. I quit using Twitter 3 weeks after Elmo took over and saw the results.

It's that time again, that fateful day before April 2, 2019 when Google shut down Google Plus.

Raise a glass to the greatest social network the Internet has ever seen.


Want to know something interesting about the #TwitterCode release?

Lots of people are zeroing in on this section of `HomeTweetTypePredicates.scala`, because it proves that Twitter 1.0 was factoring political alignment on a user-level into the timeline mixing algorithm.

Nobody knows what weights are assigned to these attributes, but them being there shows the algorithm must have had some kind of bias, right?

Guess what.

Those lines were added *after* Elon bought the company.

Meanwhile, over at the other place, Twitter is suspending official public health agencies.

@AfricaCDC is a public health agency of the African Union (, and is doing essential work.


I haven't posted about one of my first loves in a bit; Old Time Radio.
Here is a good collection:


Noticed that pro-climate-action accounts were stagnating or shrinking, and that denier accounts seemed to be ballooning. So - I checked, with some help, and....yep.

Elon Musk has made Twitter into a safe space for pro-fossil fuel disinformation. A 🧵


An evil man will burn his own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes. - Sun Tzu

I’m surprised the enormous demonstrations in Tel Aviv not getting more coverage, but then again it’s pushed down the news list in a lot of organisations because it’s a demonstration against an extreme right wing government.

Moderna plans to increase the price of its COVID-19 vaccines by more than 400 percent.

Remember, Moderna received $1.7 billion to develop the vaccine, and has already raked in $36 billion in revenue.

This is what corporate greed looks like.

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