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Today we are proud to announce that Digital Public Goods Alliance has recognized Orthanc as a digital public good!

This underscores our commitment to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 9 (health, innovation, infrastructure). This also affirms our mission to freely share the technical knowledge about medical imaging at large.

Press release (in French):

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Stone Web viewer 2.4 has just been released! This unique, open-source Web viewer of medical images is entirely written in C++ thanks to the technology. This new version brings a huge number of improvements. Check out the online demo:

Introducing our latest plugin for Orthanc! Now you can encapsulate files into instances seamlessly, then display them using any Web viewer. STL files can also be automatically generated from DICOM structure sets (RT-STRUCT).

Yet another scientific publication that talks about Orthanc without citing the associated paper. Such a behavior hinders the search for funding to pursue the development of free and open-source projects for the benefit of the whole community.

#FOSDEM2024 started and the #GNUHealth stand is in place 😎 . Come and say hi, get cool tshirts and meet our friends from @opensuse, @weblate, @sjodogne and other sister communities ❤️
#SocialMedicine #GNU #OpenScience #bioinformatics #eHealth #FOSDEM #freedom

New full stack software engineer position open to work as part of the e-OMIX team:

- Build #bioinformatics pipelines
- Implement specific cloud-based storage and computation
- Develop solutions for the exchange and interoperability of large biological datasets (in accordance with HL7 FHIR standards)

More details:


An existing collaboration with @sjodogne


"L'UCLouvain recrute un·e Ingénieur·e logiciel pour le développement d'un hôpital virtuel libre et open-source", en support à ses missions d'enseignement en informatique médicale à l'École Polytechnique de Louvain (EPL).

Well deserved, Sébastien! The honor is mine and I feel privileged to meet such a caring and talented person that relentlessly work to make open science & medical imaging a reality around the world. Real heroes don't wear suits. Real heroes do things such as writing #Orthanc for the betterment of our society ❤️

I am extremely honored to share that today, I received the GNU Health Social Medicine award for outstanding individual during the GNU Health conference 2023.

It's an award that gives deep meaning to the work I've been doing for over ten years, from a community whose aim is to promote public health and social medicine.

I'm especially grateful to @meanmicio, who is one of those few people who know how to unite people around a goal for the common good. Luis is one of the most inspiring people in my life. Thank you for everything you've taught me!

"Free software is not only about technology, it's about writing code with heart."

@meanmicio Hi Luis we're at the entry portal... could someone open us?

Time for the last technical talk of the conference, with Diego Victor de Jesus explaining how Orthanc router containers could help to scale and organize applications for medical imaging

Gabriel Couture is now introducing PyOrthanc as a Python wrapper around the REST API of Orthanc, whose implementation was bootstrapped from the OpenAPI documentation provided by the Orthanc project at

It's now up to the Orthanc Team to talk about the deployment of Orthanc as a secured cloud-based PACS

Thanks so much to the Computational Health Informatics team of Leibniz Universität Hannover, and especially to Gerald Wiese, for hosting and in Hanover!

Another wonderful by Yannick Lemaréchal regarding PARADIM, a digital infrastructure to support research in medical imaging that is developed at IUCPQ-Université Laval

Paul from @Kitware is giving a very impressive talk about VolView, an extremely important free and open-source 3D viewer for medical imaging

Salim Kanoun is now presenting an update about the GaelO project, which uses Orthanc as a DICOM backend for clinical studies (with the "O" in "GaelO" standing for "Orthanc")

Wonderful talk by Walco van Loon about Orthanc Server Extensions, which can be used to ease the setup of AI workflows for medical imaging

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