There’s plenty of disagreement and controversy at the moment, so let me stoke things a bit more:

Light Mode is better than Dark Mode (for me)

Here’s why, with some science behind it, too. Yes, I have a justification as well just a preference…

Let’s start with what we know:
The pupil of the eye shrinks when there’s a lot of light and dilates when it’s darker

The question is: how much difference will it make between viewing a screen in dark mode and light mode?

Here’s a very rough, crude experiment (emphasis on “rough” and “crude”, and use of “experiment” is very loose here!)

Details in next toot


@s_gruppetta dude I love your study of this, have you compared the differences by environmental brightness and display type as well. For instance, 3200 lumen window brightness and 500 nit LCD, and 100 lumen environmental brightness and 600 nit AMOLED would be almost intolerable. But under the right environmental conditions would be pretty much required. I’ve always thought the best scenario for a programmer would be a monochromatic paper LCD like on e-readers if they could get the response time higher. On those displays, light mode or dark mode doesn’t seem to affect eye strain at all. Thanks for the thought provocations 🤔


@s_gruppetta lol but you could say the same about being a py programmer in general:-)

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