A good trick which prevents me from doing an attractive crime(like creating a big botnet) is broadcasting it. This way I won't do it because if I do it, it would be too obvious that I was behind it :)

@farooqkz unless it's mining crypto when machines are idle...

@farooqkz of you've infected thousands of computers with worms that mine crypto, I think it's a crime isn't it?

@skanman oh you mean't with someone else's machine? If I had a botnet, I would use it for something better than just crypto mining ;)

@farooqkz isn't a botnet having control over a huge amount of other people's machines?

@skanman Yes it is. But what I say, is that if I had a botnet I could use it for better purposes than just mining crypto with them


@farooqkz I don't know bro, these days they're less effective when it comes to penetration or ddos, most botnets are too small to accomplish anything, and the ones that are big usually get patched out of whatever vulnerability they came in with fairly quickly. Statistically speaking, the odds of penetrating a system that has anything valuable is like < .00001%. Most penetrations occour from other methods. Packet modification seems to be pretty effective these days, but it's super risky.

@skanman Hmm thanks! Good to know. But at the end, I'm just a programmer not an attacker :)

@farooqkz Same here, good software defense and dev ops are an extremely high priority.

I learned a cool trick you might like, I disabled ICMP services on a few of my servers including ping, and now most IP/port scanners pass right over my server because it looks dead. 😂 It cut down attempts by about a third a month.

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