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This offer she brings me so much joy. The defense and the kicker bring me so much anxiety. 😂

That said, I loved how they stepped up after the turnover on downs on our 30. Pass rush needs to be better and hopefully it'll lead to more turnovers.

@raumdeuter @finsox @Findarato @SilentJoy @jon @CoachTim @KCN @slider7420 @ian693 @Steph @Rhyxali @madt67 @CuriousRPh When has anyone ever said, in the 20 years, “this offense brings me such joy.” But you are right, I have to pinch myself to be sure this is my #dolphins #MiamiDolphins #MikeMcDanielGuru

@raumdeuter @finsox @Findarato @SilentJoy @jon @CoachTim @KCN @slider7420 @ian693 @Steph @Rhyxali @madt67 @CuriousRPh The #miamidolphins broke a franchise record of 55 points in a game, set in 1977 by scoring 56 points. If they broke one franchise record can they tie the #Fins other 1977 record when they went 17-0. That record remains. 🙏🤞🏻#finsup


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17-0 was 1972, not 77. I know because it was the year I was born and why I was a before I moved to Florida. (1977 was 10-4).

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