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Our recent metacognition preprint has been "published" by the obviously predatory "journal" 'SIAM International Journal'. We definitely did not give them permission to do this! What can we do to make them take it down? Help!

@smfleming What licence did the preprint come with? Was it CC-BY or CC-BY-NC? I wonder whether the former one would allow this use. (

@MatteoCarandini yes I think it would, and there doesn’t seem to be anything technically breaking the rules with what they did given the preprint was out and in one sense they are simply reposting it on another website… but it does feel disconcerting that they can make it appear as if it’s been published in their “journal” (which was picked up by google scholar which is how we found out!)

@smfleming @MatteoCarandini
I remember that this happened to @Neurograce and remarkably, she was able to fix it.

@NicoleCRust @smfleming @MatteoCarandini My situation was more rule-breaking (my article published under someone else's name), but this still seems very wrong and you should certainly write to the journal to tell them to take it down.

@Neurograce @NicoleCRust @smfleming Agreed, definitely worth trying, even though they may argue that CC-BY does allow that use... BTW I used CC-BY many times and it never crossed my mind that it could be used this way...

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