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1/ Dear @michelledonelan, please read our @ERCGrantees open letter (w/ @axelcleeremans, on behalf of 11,000 researchers funded by @ERC_Research, sent also @vonderleyen & @MarosSefcovic) explaining why UK association to should remain a priority

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Exciting to have @nadine_dijkstra at our lab meeting this morning. Always imagined the work would be fantastic given our fascinating chats over the years. Enjoyed obtaining more perceptual evidence to boost the strength of that signal

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Our paper is out @HSScomms : Changing minds about climate change | with @BeukelaerSophie @NezaVehar @M_Rollwage @smfleming & @manos_tsakiris. We are looking at if and how domain-general metacognition impacts belief updating in relation to

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How much of your visual working memory content do you utilize? We show that you consistently load up more than you end up using!
In our latest Cognition article ( we explain why. See the next few tweets for the TL;DR

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Our next Departmental seminar. Thinking the right thoughts, Professor Nathaniel Daw, Princeton
20 February,-Hybrid Event

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Un libro imprescindible sobre la : el nuevo campo de la que nos muestra los límites de nuestro propio conocimiento. Una de esas raras obras que amplía nuestro conocimiento sobre la naturaleza humana y mejora la propia vida.

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Spatiotemporal dynamics of self-generated imagery reveal a reverse cortical hierarchy from cue-induced imagery via @nadine_dijkstra; "having participants imagining line orientations based on associative cues acquired previously"

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New findings on an old phenomenon (sensory adaptation) out in @PNASNews , summarized in 3 tweets. Work with @jbmattingley, @rebeccakwest, & @neuronomist

Friday's Brain Meeting will be given by @MarWimber

'Tracking the reconstruction of visual memories in human brain and behaviour' will discuss the dynamic process of recall using analysis of electrophysiological and data🧠

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Another episode of @UCLBrainstories in the bag!

Coming soon - me & @smfleming discuss the Pope, sea urchins & Huntington's disease with Prof Ed Wild @UCLHD

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Interesting paper by Jinke Liu & @martin_a_vinck in @PLOSCompBiol. Applying "distance-of-distance" transformation to the pairwise distance matrix of high-dim data separates signal from noise, making all noise points (grey) cluster together. Impressive!

The deadline to apply is coming up! Want to study the & in the real-world using new methods and ? e.g. , ,

Apply for one of our @ucl studentships! Find more information here:

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millennials aren’t getting more right-wing as they age: fascinating statistics via ⁦@jburnmurdoch⁩

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📢We are looking for a research technician!

Join us for an exciting translational project on autoimmune psychosis. I promise that we will refrain from wearing silly party props (until the next @TheCrick holiday party).

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in 1992 I organised the first UCL Psych dept Christmas pantomime, starring @JohnDraper8 @tom_hartley @CeliaHeyes and many many more (e.g. Tim Shallice is the pantomime cow). @TomManly1 and I did the music. And lo! just 30 years later I have scored a copy of the video.

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UCL is among the first five unis to be awarded @StudentMindsOrg's Award, recognising our commitment to continuous improvement in mental health & wellbeing 🏅🙌

Congrats to @ProfTonyDavid who led UCL's application 👏

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Did you know? ⚓️ 🚢

🧵 1/7. The passenger steamer SS Warrimoo was quietly knifing its way through the waters of the mid-Pacific on its way from Vancouver to Australia. The navigator had just finished working out a star fix and brought Captain John DS. Phillips, the result.

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An enjoyable evening meeting author and artist, the lovely @NorburyJames in and hearing about his motivation to help people improve their mental health through his beautiful illustrations and writing

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Want to study the and in the real-world using new methods and ? Find out more about the @UCLPALS's Doctoral Training Programme for the Ecological study of the Brain MPhil/PhD here:

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New paper alert 📢📢
A Rubric for Human-like Agents & NeuroAI
Cog, neuro, & comp sciences increasingly reference human-like agents & neuroAI w no consensus on scope/use. Some import progress in 1 discipline another &assume it automatically translates.

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