I can see many different scripts here.How do I translate them?

@soum I don't think there's the Translate option for Mastodon yet. A lot of them are competely alien to me too.

@soum I heard it might be coming in a future release, it's a nice feature.

For now, I discovered I can select only posts in the languages I understand, at least partially. Select those and then you won't see Japanese or Chinese ideogram posts, or some in script we have no idea either, which have started to show.

For the Federated feed, at certain times of the day that is a huge time saver, there were so many kanji posts flowing by.

@design_RG ok I just see different scripts on my federated feed.Like i see less toots in english and mor ein other languages.Do you know how do I change that?

@soum yes, gimme me a sec, take a snapshot of my Settings screen...


Go to Settings -- Other, bottom of the screen there's "Public Timelines". Select only the ones you want to see, hit save and from them on the other ones should be excluded.

VERY helpful!! 😃

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