Visited the Australian War Memorial in Canberra this morning. Was only there 3.5 hours so didn’t get to see everything, but the 90 minute free tour was excellent.

A solemn place where you find yourself walking intentionally quietly.

Despite that, I still found myself excited by some of the technology on show. For instance the Me-262 (world’s first jet fighter) and Me-163 (world’s first rocket plane), and a flintlock pistol. War sucks, but it does amazing things for innovation.


@dadegroot I remember going there as a 10 yo on a school trip. Lots of moving and fascinating exhibits, but the real highlight of the trip for me was buying an airfix model Bismarck at the gift shop

@spinflip I went in Yr6 Primary school (on a trip to the Snowy Mtns iirc). It's changed a fair bit since then.

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