I guess the one thing that Left and Right agree on, on the Internet, is that nobody likes strangers telling them what to do.

@dredmorbius Right, but it seems to be that what most people are complaining about when they say social media is 'toxic' is very particularly *strangers* 'coming into their mentions', as if their mentions are a place and not just a list provided by a computer trying to be 'helpful'.

'I gave a party just for my friends and all these randoms I didn't know crashed it! They all just walked in through the TV set! My TV is broken!' seems to be the feeling.

@dredmorbius and yeah, our TV sets probably shouldn't be designed so that anyone can teleport into your house through them, I guess! only friends!

that's where our use-case metaphors start to break down

@dredmorbius the other side of the metaphor being

'I phoned the radio talkback station to talk about their program and the phone company censored my call before I could reach anyone!'

Is the Internet a phone, where you should be able to reach anyone at any time and it's no business of the phone company's who you call, and if you want a screening service you need to hire a personal secretary, or is it a TV where you can watch the news but the news can't walk in through the screen?


@natecull @dredmorbius kind of feels like the future of the internet is walled gardens all the way down, with controlled conduits between. Not sure if that'll be for better or worse, but I can't see many trends in the opposite direction

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