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Attempting to solve a computer problem this afternoon has taken me to an irc server for the first time in years, and holy fuck irc is good. It's a tragedy that it's basically dead for most people now


been doing some thinking about daemons in the his dark materials books, informed by real-life internet knowledge

…there are definitely people with sexy plane daemons that they fuck, aren't there?

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“I think that the biggest problem that Reddit had and continues to have, and that all of the platforms, Facebook and Twitter, and Discord now continue to have is that they’re not making decisions, is that there is absolutely no active thought going into their problems — problems that are going to exist in coming months or years — and what they can do to combat them.”

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IP thoughts 

The reason "Intellectual Property" is bad is because it is a term that (probably intentionally) conflates so many almost completely unrelated issues

If we're being trained to think that copyright, patents, trademarks, etc. are all the same thing, then you can make an argument that works for a small-time artist's creative works, and then do a switcheroo and suddenly we're talking about drug patents

THAT is what I mean when I say that "Intellectual Property" isn't real or needs to die

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I'm in my twenties, I have good friends (not relatives or frienda of relatives) in their fifties or sixties, and that seems like it should be cool and normal! Sadly, it's not

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At an evening gathering of chemists in a pub, and it's kind of cutely fun but sooooooo full of awkward old retirees. I'm glad they're here! But it makes me sad, how difficult it is to have a social event across generations

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I learned about striking. It's wondrous.

— Ducim Abanberdan, militia commander

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🐦 RT: @mc_hankins

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😂 😭

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The Fediverse is just the original good Internet built on top of the shit Internet the original good Internet got turned into by rich people

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Would it really have mattered if I used the larger file she sent me, and left the artifacts in place? Probably not, but it would have irked me. I'm also irrationally prejudiced against unnecessarily large file sizes, even in this age of cheap broadband and storage: if I can fit 50 pages of sheet music into a 950 kB pdf, sticking a 3 MB image on the front page just feels *wrong*.

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I've been putting together a songbook for some Christmas singing in pubs, and thought it'd be nice to have a pretty cover for printed copies. A friend made some art and sent it my way, but the enormous file was full of unmerged layers and weird clipping artifacts… apparently she put it all together in PowerPoint, the mangling happened somewhere along the way, and that's that.

An afternoon of dissection+tinkering+reassembly in PS later, and it's in much better shape! Time for a final music and words check, and then printing.

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In Australia you must vote. If you don't, you're fined, and there are other consequences like having your vehicle's insurance or registration cancelled. "That must suck!" I hear you say, "As an American I have the right to not vote!" Well, to that I say, where do you have a cook out if it's not at the polling booth? We have sausages, cake, burgers, often music and singing.

It's alsp really interested to see the differences in how they answer questions. I love it when people get asked really hard and broad questions: it's a great opportunity to demonstrate what they know, demonstrate their ability to think rationally beyond what they know, and admit when they can't reason their way any further. All great skills! But some students seem to really freak out at the prospect of open questions with no simple right/wrong answer

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Watching our undergraduate research students give their final presentations, and *wow* there's a wide range of how much they've accomplished in their ~7 months of work: some make me feel keenly aware of the shortcomings of my PhD, and others seem like they've only really worked for the last month. Research is hard.

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🎲🎲🎲🎲 U B E

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