My American teammates all claimed to be out of the office due to Thanksgiving, but still seem to be replying even to non-urgent e-mails. I feel partly sad that they deserve a break but clearly can't stop. And partly annoyed that it creates pressure that I should do the same on my holidays.

This podcast about and related topics is always interesting, but this weeks discussion with researcher Joscha Bach is particularly good.

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"Does dropping (malicious) USB drives in parking lots and other places really work?"

297 samples were dropped, 290 got picked up. 135 people opened documents (HTML pinger), 54 flash drives got returned.

20% were opened within the first hour. In less than 5 hours half of the devices were used by someone.

Study & talk (2016) by Elie Bursztein:

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RT #brexit has collided with reality and now the cowardly bastards who plotted its course scramble for the lifeboats squealing ‘it’s all her fault! We could have magicked the icebergs away!’

This is a crisis. The country has the right to speak again. We need a #peoplesvote.


Is the finally going to fall apart today? Looks like a lot of people are rooting for that, but it's not clear to me how it helps achieve their aims.

Currently only animated by a heady cocktail of pseudo-ephedrine, dextromethorphan, paracetamol and caffeine.

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Well done . Maybe you are not quite as stupid as you look. Still, we'll be keeping a close eye on you.

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Dear US. Please don't screw-up the election tomorrow. It's starting to feel like you might not get another opportunity, if you do. The rest of the world is counting on you.

Monday morning is the day of my weekly on the sound of the dustbin men doing their pickups in my neighbourhood. I don't remember which sutta the Buddha describes it in, but it's an exercise in advanced equanimity. which I don't also do well at.

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Well, I'd definitely say that meditating with a tickly cough is not an experience anyone should be in a rush to try out.

Physicist George Chapline has a controversial theory that "Dark Energy Stars" exist in places where conventional theories predict black holes.

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