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Для общения с работодателем нужен никнейм в почте/github/telegram

Думаю, какой.

Есть два варианта.

Одним я пользовался очень давно, даже в гугле еще можно найти всякое.

Второй новый.

Кто понимает, откуда вышел второй ник - тем привет)

Нужно что-то максимально запоминаемое, простое и нестандартно.

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How to make a gif file from video file?

As simple as it never was.

Open terminal app, install ffmpeg:
sudo dnf install ffmpeg

ffmpeg -i input_video_file output.gif

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Today is Groundhog Day. The Groundhog already predicted us another 6 months of winter...hehe

Huh, Fedora linux came with brtfs and with no proper swap partition by default.

Never do automate install again. Never.

I'm doing some tests and exercises to became QA engeneer right now.

Wish me good luck, guys.

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Gaming + politics + YouTube 

Some fucking Brazilian rightwinger youtuber got so butthurt over me blocking him (I have less than 10% of his subscribers) on Birbsite, that he put out a video to his 335,000+ subscribers calling it a Marxist conspiracy. JFC. LMAO. 🤣
Experiencing harassment is never fun, but browsing the comments I discovered a whole world of people who are *really* upset about The Last of Us 2. 😆

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I'm not user of void, but before I'm going to mxlinux from ubuntu I learn a bit about it.

Void linux is a distribution that strips any non-free element (proprietary) from its distro. When I'm going to install it, there's somebody that saying - because it's so rigidly adhere to the principle it might be hard to use even wifi card. That's why I'm still using mx (and in other pc artix linux).

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In response to an earlier post

After reading about #blogging on #fediverse I found out that commenting facility is quite a hassle.

But fear not, write.as, a great blogging platform, is currently developing remark.as, a discussion and commenting system for write.as.

Once the developers release remark.as, we will have a great publishing suite running on fediverse.

Currently the publishing suite consist of:

Submit.as: accept writing submission
Draft.as: edit together
Snap.as: photo sharing

OP above is by @ heavenly_general @social.linux.pizza

Important clarifications are needed here, so people know more precisely what software packages they can use under a free license agreement.

Write.as is a great company - I am a happy user of the Write.freely.org site and the write.freely blog platform.

WF is indeed free and open sourced. There are various instances in the Fediverse we can chose from. Their terms and conditions do vary - so some comparison is a good idea.

Write.as is the company's main site and their funding source. Getting a free blog there is still possible, but it's VERY limited in comparison with what one can get from the write.freely hosts.

I know since I do have an account at write.as, which went unused due to these limitations. I do operate two blogs which are hosted in different WF instances, and would recommend those and others as well.

Write.as continues extending their platform. Their Snap.as photo and image sharing platform is wonderful - and I would love to use it, but it's currently to anyone other than 'Pro' Write.as members - a paid service level.

The other items you mentioned equally are in active development and available to Write.as members - some restricted to the paid membership levels.

Will develop this post further - and publish as a proper Blog page soon.

#FediReporter on #blog platforms on Fediverse.

#Writefreely is wonderful. Recommended.

Find a good WF host, see link for suggested sites.

Are there anyone who use Void Linux?

What's the point to use it?

Why do you use Void instead of others?

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Don't fear the reaper.

Smash his teeth and thats all.

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