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The more i see the more i do understand that possibility to defederate any server from fediverse was a mistake.

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I'm selling my #ThinkPad X220 running #Linux. Who wants to buy it? :boost_ok:

- 2nd gen Intel i5
- Integrated graphics
- Fingerprint reader
- Physical killswitch
- Ubuntu Mate OEM with custom X11 configs and kernel parameters preinstalled

We should be more wise to see the world as it is.

Without any of this histerical and idealistic labels.

To see reality and do not fall into illusions.

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Peer-to-peer file transfers in your browser. Painless file sharing, without installing any torrent clients 💞

Opensource, made by @midzer

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ok this is fun...

"Fediverse" to "Socialism"

Time: 257.739 Seconds

Number of links visited: 7

The path you took:
[ "Fediverse", "Federation (information technology)", "Federated identity", "Twitter", "Arab Spring", "Authoritarianism", "Political party", "Socialism" ]

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I could hide the spam easily under the video, on the Peertube page.

Good and simple Peertube user interface! :pt: 🧡

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Well first some audio - like a radio freeschool.0id.org/?s=audio [category=Libre Tech]

And I'll think your ask for sharing and see if anything comes up worth passing on...
Nowadays I prefer what is personally engaging / enables participation. Is much more memorable and usually relative to help everything else at the same time.

I was shocked when I saw peertube for the first time - tonns of scum and porn.

Secondly I saw some cool vids about Kurdistan and Greece.

Now I wanna catch some channels with ancient history, leftish politics and libre tech.

If you have anything like that - share with me please.

Well, I must admit, that I almost did all that I wanted to.

My own instance is ready here.

All my russian texts are here:


Feel free to subscribe if you want.

I do not like reddit.

Too many schoolars.

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Well, after two reinstalls I ride this horse and instance is working almost as it must to.

ubuntu 20/04 ate 3 gb hdd and almost a gb ram from my VDA.

Nuts. Just nuts.

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Just started a new instance in alpha mode.

Trying to do everything correct. Then - migrate.

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- What's wrong, honey?
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- I don't want either, but you'll fuck me up later.

Making my way to work alone in trolleybus.

Kinda awkward feeling.

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