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Got Ubuntu Unity 20.04 live USB loaded.


Wallpaper eyebleedingly awfull.

But system is THAT Ubuntu. Same as 16.04

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Discovering Pleroma — An Alternative to Mastodon

@a1batross I am writing a blog post about Pleroma, and your instance here is highlighted.😋​

It’s on the Forum for now, but it’s basically finished; will have to resize images for the blog, but I like it.

Discourse Forum Article here

@globcoco take a look too. 😎​

#rgxJournal #Pleroma #Alternatives #NewUsers #Fediverse

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In USA you may survive the virus, but you will not survive the paid healthcare

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Hi everyone, I'm off the grind, and that also means I'm off the dole. I'm running out of money, and I'm looking for a job.

If anyone needs a sysadmin with 6 years of professional and 18 years of hobbyist experience, please send me a DM.

My toolset includes (but is not limited to) the following:

- Nginx
- Caddy
- MySQL / MariaDB
- Proxmox VE
- OpenVPN
- BIND (named)
- PowerDNS
- Postfix
- Exim4
- Dovecot
- 3proxy
- HAproxy
- Quagga/Bird (limited, but still)
- Apache
- ejabberd
- Nagios (nrpe, nsca)
- IPtables
- Logrotate
- systemd
- Nextcloud

I'm open to learning new stuff.

Please repost if nothing else!

Thats not the opinion of some conspiracy freak.

That Guardian's article.

Read this, please, that's very important.

‘Rockers and spies’ – how the CIA used culture to shred the iron curtain | CIA | The Guardian


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EGS failure pleased me.

Horrible marketplace, totally unrespect for customers, spyware client program, windows users only.

The faster they gome the better it will be for customers.

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