@freemo Given how much I use middle-click as part of a "triage first, read and fave later" workflow, do you think we could get an option in's Preferences to skip the "/interact" page (the page with the "Proceed to ..." button), rather than just pre-filling the username?

@freemo To clarify, I do understand that it's served up by the site that hosts the post I'm trying to fave/reply to/etc.

I'm asking whether an option could be added to opt out of it when both the user and the post are on and, thus, the code serving up /interact can see my session cookie.

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@freemo I'd prefer not to. I have zero experience with Ruby, let alone Ruby on Rails, so it'd take me *far* more time than someone already familiar with a Mastodon codebase.

(Especially given that I'm already fighting to catch up on maintainership on my own projects, which I allowed to lapse for the last while.)

@freemo That's fine. As long as it's on record somewhere and I'm not the only one theoretically responsible for trying to get it done eventually.

I usuallt like to ask upstream about features first and implement it here only if unwilling to add it in the core. Have you spoken to gargron? Otherwise i can look into how feasable it is.

@freemo Fair enough. To be honest, I just thought of it and asked impulsively.

I'll add it to the pile of "today or tomorrow" things.

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