After encountering a public domain tileset on that appealed to me so much that I'm now considering experimenting with game development, I decided to start compiling a list of game assets on that are under Debian-compatible licensing terms.

(i.e. Not the usual "don't redistribute or sell alone or in assets packs" terms which violate the FSF, OSI, and Debian definitions of Free and/or Open.)

(The description also lists other sources like OpenGameArt.)

@ssokolow I am working on a game that i want to be playable as both text and tiled graphics. Its open-source.. maybe i should snatch one of those tilesets

@freemo Is it a roguelike? If so, 0x72's Dungeon Tileset (either version) is the best candidate I've found so far:

@ssokolow yea id say rouge like somewhat fits the bill... depends just how strict you are with that definition though. it does depart in several fundemental ways

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