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LEAK: Wir suchen bei den @ubernauten eine Softwareentwicklerin und ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn es diesmal wirklich eine Frau wird. Wenn du also denkst die Stelle könnte irgendwie auf dich passen, du aber Fragen oder Zweifel hast: Schreib mir gerne deine Fragen und ich versuche sie zu beantworten. Alternativ auch einfach an die Mail Adresse in der Jobanzeige. Ich freue mich schon!

@screwtape Ah I see, sorry. I'm from Germany, we normally don't switch Masters like that. Ok, some of us start with physics and then do niche stuff like computational sciences or biophysics or AI masters but most of us stay with one field for the rest of their studies.
Maybe I should read the Strangest Man?
I always felt like a stranger to most normal people and in the hacker scene all the dudes complained about me being female but the physicists are quite nice. And sooooo weird :D
I finally settled on quantum computing and my bf doesn't know yet what he wants to do. :D

@screwtape MoE = Master of Engineering? That is not physics :-) ?
What exactly is the Strangest Man? I didn't read Feynman stuff yet, sorry.

@screwtape Fun fact - I am a physicist as well (finished my degree :D) and no guy ever complained so far. I just wanted to troll a bit.

@screwtape Did you ever experience discrimination for what you studied? I assume you are a man?

@screwtape He's the most caring and sweet person I've ever met. I've dated a bunch of physicists and computer scientists and some of them were either weird or plein assholes. Others were super nice. And they all were giant nerds.

I love the guy I'm dating but he studies . Should that be a turn-off? Does that mean that he is weird or a nerd?

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9,793,420 accounts
+276 in the last hour
+6,731 in the last day
+51,310 in the last week

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Filz, das war mal Markenzeichen der CDU/CSU. Jetzt mischt auch SPD vorne mit. Deutschland ist auf dem Weg, Europas abgewetztes Sofa zu werden.

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Am kommenden Mittwoch um 20 Uhr finden das nächste offene Treffen und die Vorstandssitzung für Mitglieder und Interessierte statt. Weitere Infos und die Tagesordnung stehen wie gewohnt auf der Website:

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Today on the first day of Women’s History Month I learned that after no fault divorce was finally legalized in 1970, female suicide rates dropped 20%🤯

The "strong 1950s family unit" that the GOP is nostalgic about ignores record high female suicide, suffocating domestic violence, & zero female financial autonomy.

But maybe that's GOP's goal all along?🤔

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Turns out the existence of an "alpha" wolf is a myth.

It was based on old/bad experiments, conducted when unrelated wolves were thrown together in captivity.

In actual wild wolves, packs are just families. There's no dominant alpha battling for the top spot -- and in the rare cases there is, it's an alpha *female* wolf.

Insert obvious implications for the use of this term in human societies.

Wenn mein Süßer erstmal die sexy Karre holt, um mich von A nach B zu bringen <3

@amerika I like tabak but I switched to nicotine gum over time. Less cancerous. Except for that Germany is also famous for delicious wine that I can heavily recommend. And a lot of inventions stem from here, expecially quantum mechanics. But also book printing should not be underestimated, it fueled literacy all over Europe. Well and protestantism began in Wittenberg.

@amerika Oh thanks for that view. 🙂
I was not completely serious. Germany is a peaceful country and part of Europe now and I know that neither speaking German nor living in Berlin is a crime. I just wanted to highlight part of the history that is tied to my language and my city 🙂

Dear World, I have to confess

I speak the same language like Hitler, Goebbels and the Kaiser. The same language that gifted us words like Blitzkrieg and doppelganger.

I live in the city in which radioactivity was discovered. I live in the city where the holocaust was decided, quite close to that place actually. The building where the holocaust was decided is less than 5 miles from my home.

Some guy from my home town decided to transport Lenin to Russia which helped start the Revolution. Some guy from my country gave the secret on how to build nuclear bombs to the Soviets. Some guy from my home country gave the world Communism. Some guy from my home town helped start a world war. Another guy who lived in my home town for a while decided to start another world war.

Yet I do love this town and my language.

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