Dear World, I have to confess

I speak the same language like Hitler, Goebbels and the Kaiser. The same language that gifted us words like Blitzkrieg and doppelganger.

I live in the city in which radioactivity was discovered. I live in the city where the holocaust was decided, quite close to that place actually. The building where the holocaust was decided is less than 5 miles from my home.

Some guy from my home town decided to transport Lenin to Russia which helped start the Revolution. Some guy from my country gave the secret on how to build nuclear bombs to the Soviets. Some guy from my home country gave the world Communism. Some guy from my home town helped start a world war. Another guy who lived in my home town for a while decided to start another world war.

Yet I do love this town and my language.

Why are we always reaching for the stars?

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Uns fehlen im Moment weit über 350 Laptops! Allein in den letzten vier Tagen gingen über 100 Anfragen nach Laptops bei uns ein.
Von daher würden wir uns im Moment nicht nur um #Spenden von Einzelpersonen, sondern v. a. auch über Spenden von Unternehmen freuen, die uns gleich mehrere Geräte auf einen Schlag überreichen könnten.
Vielleicht habt ihr ja zufällig Kontakte zu Personen, die für eine Unternehmens-IT zuständig sind und unser Vorhaben unterstützenswert finden. Das wäre eine große Hilfe. 🧡

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here my ... I am principal investigator at Düsseldorf and researching and developing photoreceptors and enzymes for use and … i am also an enthusiast holding a trying to implement into university … on a sidenote, I love and and

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Soll ich euch mal sagen, was auch emotional echt erstaunlich viel ausmacht? Der staatliche Zuschuss zur Rente für pflegende #Angehörige. Auch wenn es so viel gibt was man besser machen könnte. Das ist wenigstens ein kleiner Funke Anerkennung und Beruhigung (in Sachen eigener Zukunft) seitens des Staates. Und das macht einen riesen Unterschied. Ich darf nur nicht drüber nachdenken, wie es sein könnte, wenn Menschen mit Behinderung und deren Angehörige wirklich kriegen würden was sie für ein würdevolles Leben brauchen. Wenn allein schon der Rentenzuschuss so einen großen Unterschied im Gefühl macht. Was da alles möglich wäre. Trotzdem Danke an die Politik, die hier zumindest mal einen Schritt in die richtige Richtung gegangen ist.

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CW Long post. (Original content)

The coming ‘depopulation bomb’

A moral transformation, rather than social policies, will stop the de-population bomb claims Dr Nicholas Eberstadt, an expert in demography, in a new interview called the ‘De-Population Bomb’.

For years we have been warned of the dangers of an increasing world population (the so-called ‘population bomb’), but what happens when it shrinks, instead? This is already happening in many Western countries, he points out. Ireland has a fast-ageing population. Only large-scale immigration will stop it shrinking in the years ahead.

The United States, for example, was at replacement level (2.1 children per couple) or slightly above up to 2008. This means that there were sufficient births to compensate deaths, without taking into consideration immigration. Since then, the number of births per woman has gone down, particularly during the Covid pandemic. Ireland fertility rate is now about 1.7.

“If current trends continue, the United States would be on a track to shrink 20 percent for each generation”, warns Eberstadt, who a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and author of several studies on demography.

The European Union, Russia and China are experiencing the same demographic decline. So is all of East Asia, lead by Japan.

In Ireland, as Budget 2023 was being unveiled last week, the Department of Finance said that to maintain the current levels of public service we need an additional €8 billion in public expenditure each year by 2030.

“An ageing population will involve significant fiscal costs simply to ‘stand-still’”, said a risk assessment document.

In simple words, we need more young people working for the rest, particularly for those who have retired. Ideally, the size of the younger generations should exceed older ones but our demographic trends are going in the opposite direction.

Dr Eberstadt claims that the US federal spending is becoming untenable. “Today’s consumption for seniors is being financed by the unborn”.

One solution is more immigration, he says, but, even without considering the morality of depriving poorer countries of their workforce, this population policy does not always succeed in its intended purposes. He comments on the European experience: “The work rates are lower for the foreign-born than for the native-born in most European countries, the educational qualifications of working-age Europeans are typically lower for the foreign-born, and “non-EU foreign-born” youth are far more likely to be neither employed nor in education or training. The EU’s assimilation problem also looks to be intergenerational: throughout Europe, children of non-EU immigrants are generally more likely than their parents — not less likely — to see themselves as victims of group discrimination.”

In other words, large sections of the immigrant populations of parts of Europe are experiencing alienation, which often drives crime rates, and then voter backlash, as we have seen recently in Sweden.

Assimilation works better in the United States, Eberstadt claims, but immigration cannot be the only population policy to maintain demographic sustainability.

Dr Eberstadt is sceptical about subsidies and tax relief for families. He claims that “incentives to boost birth rates are likely to be costly and to elicit only modest and perhaps fleeting demographic results”.

Referring to the Scandinavian experience, where birth rates are mostly high relative to the European average (but still below replacement level), he talks about the “Swedish roller coaster”, i.e. the birth rate goes up just after a new subsidy is introduced, but then it goes back further below where it was before. What has to be changed instead, he maintains, is the people’s desire about the size of their families. This has been previously pointed out in this Iona Institute blog:

The best indicator for fertility rates is how many children women want, but this does not depend on economic conditions. Richer people do not have more children. The most affluent and productive society that humanity has ever seen has also the lowest fertility rates.

“Children are not convenient. We have moved into a world in which convenience is prized and in which constraints on personal autonomy are increasingly viewed as onerous”.

What is needed instead is a change in values. The desire for larger families depends on the appreciation of family values.

Dr Eberstadt believes that an ageing and declining population will experience the opposite: pessimism, hesitance, dependence, self-indulgence, resentment, and division.

We can change the head count with immigration, but it will work only temporarily if immigrants embrace the same mentality that causes depopulation, he says. We need instead a moral transformation so that people are confident and brave enough to maintain a natural rate of replacement for society.

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Und dann war ja diese Woche auch noch irgendwas mit Mond. #artemismission
Buzz Aldrin, bisschen underrated als 2. Mann auf dem Mond.

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“Helping other people use technology requires humility: you have to want to help them realize their goals, which may be totally unlike your own. You have to listen carefully and take care not to make assumptions about how they ‘should’ use tech. You may be a tech expert, but they are experts on themselves.” - @pluralistic

#technology #humility #assumptions #experts #productmanagement #servantleadership #designthinking

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New instance, new #introduction! 😎

I'm Andi (they/them), based in #London UK, probably listening to one of two heavy rotation playlists: #queer disco or art school disco.

I'm currently teaching myself (basic!) #QuantumComputing with the help of IBM Quantum; love #poetry; and dancing to #techno, #indie, and cheesy #dancemusic. I work in social policy/programme #evaluation and am into #statistics and #RStats.

Miscellaneous hashtags: #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #SocialScience #pansexual #nonbinary

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Technical note: The (hashtag)arxiv_xyz_uvw is designed to make posts that deal with this arxiv article searchable - because hashtag searches work across instances (and dots and slashes are not allowed inside hashtags, hence the underscore). Would be good to establish a common format like this for all our discussions of papers here!

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Holla #Quantum Mastodon, here is a CSV file of 118 people on Mastodon that has something to do with #QuantumComputing.

At the moment, it does not look like it is possible to make your own list (Lists are important here, btw) using this CSV file, but you could follow the people here from settings.

Sorry if I've missed someone and will try to keep this updated.

Hope you find this useful :)

File Link:

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Twitter users are all like “I don’t know if I can trust a bunch of career sysadmins and network engineers to run their own Mastodon instances” — meanwhile Elon is just running around the Twitter data center going “what’s this button do?”

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Often times people ask me, "But how do I learn about how ActivityPub works? Where do I get started?"

Friends! The ActivityPub spec itself is here to help you! There's a really lovely story-driven tutorial about ActivityPub right at the top of the spec in the "Overview" section!

Give it a read! I tried really hard to make it easy to follow, and it has beautiful illustrations from @mray!

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Are you polygamous or monogamous? /amorous? #Poll #Relationships

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Found this cool music channel named African Lofi, if you’re into lofi or just want some fancier music and are sick of that lofi radio, then check this out.

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