Today is probably the last day we can walk on frozen wetlands meadows near our house. Coming days will bring rain and higher temperatures and then we'll have to wait weeks before everything here dries.

Bruno, the oldest and wisest of the whole pack, doesn't think it's a good idea to walk on ice.

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W usually cannot walk among those trees – most of the time the ground is flooded. So the only chance is either when the water freezes, or when we have a very dry summer. Unfortunately the latter happens more frequently now.

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Today was quite warm – around 3°C – but this ice is very strong, and even if it broke there's no more than 30 cm of water under us. And we're just a few hundred metres from our warm house.

I wonder what made this hole – there were a few of them in the area. Vuko didn't try to dig so I assume whatever it was it isn't below that ice but just walked away :)

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