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Vuko attempting to connect to the Internet, where no one will know who he really is.

it's always fun when you have to make a surface plot for work! hehe

Just received a pertussis exposure notice from my 5-year-old's school. None of her classmates are immunocompromised. So, it would appear that at least one classmate has anti-vaxer parents who rolled the dice on their own child's health— and lost.

Vaccinate your kids, please!

There was a time when Google said "do no evil". There was a time when Mastodon said "boost, boost, boost".

I did it! Rough draft of grant proposal completed! Soup is bubbling on the stove, it's cozy inside & rainy outside, & there's leftover raspberry cherry cobbler too. Hope your Friday evening is off to a fun/cozy/exciting/restful start depending on what you need!

I do try not to do this very often, as I'd rather make friends than advertise, but it's that time of year when a special kind of persons heart says " I wanna go fast." If you have that kind of craving, I can help. I made parts for this beauty, and I can help you too. Cars, trucks, boats, bikes, surprise me? If you can draw it, I can probably make it. #racing #maker #FourWheelFridays

Found a neat bridge made by – this time it was equipped with and anti-slip feature.

There are no swan mussels left, only their shells remain. are very disappointed.

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Those mussels are some of the largest freshwater mussels, reaching 20 cm in length. The pocket knife placed for comparison is 9 cm long.

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On closer look the spots turn out to be dead swan mussels (Anodonta cygnea), a species found only in very clean water.

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There is very little water left in the deepest part of the pond. Animal tracks suggest that deer still come here to drink. Or maybe to eat those small bright dots lying all around.

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This is Janusz Pond today. All the water has been let out exposing the muddy bottom. The company that operated the pond did not extend its lease and the whole fish operation was shut down.

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