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For those who don't know our pack of , , here's a simple explainer of their characters. Two works referenced here might be unknown to many outside of Poland: Sienkiewicz's Trylogia is a historical saga set in the 17th century, Czterej Pancerni i Pies is a communist-period book and a tv series about four tankers and a dog during WW2.

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Thinking about the guy who registered  \"><SCRIPT SRC=MJT.XSS.HT></SCRIPT> LTD at Companies House and exposed a bunch of XSS vulnerabilities in third party scrapers to the point where it had to be renamed to THAT COMPANY WHOSE NAME USED TO CONTAIN HTML SCRIPT TAGS LTD with the previous name listed as [NAME AVAILABLE ON REQUEST FROM COMPANIES HOUSE] :p

So I've been thinking about this one article I read about people using chatgpt to do codegen -

And uh.

I think that all the codegen arguments are missing one of the central points.

See, codegen tools are good for stamping out boilerplate - the kind of code that's not creative, and doesn't require an understanding of the problem, but instead understanding of the language conventions.

But the thing is - why are you writing out boilerplate like that in the first place? Wouldn't it be better to not have to write out endless boilerplate - where you end up with mistakes, mind you, because it's low-attention low-interest work that's mostly -in the way- of the work that you're there to actually do?

And this applies not only to the writing, but the debugging - software isn't a write-once-run-forever type situation; bugs exist and patches need to be applied, and if you're reading through yet another glob of codegen boilerplate, it's going to be that much harder to find the real problem.

Instead of writing an 'ai' and 'training' it to shit out this garbage in volume, perhaps it would be better to have a language where that kind of boilerplate is a lot less needed? where you can have, y'know, reusable libraries to cover common iterator cases, for instance.

What if codegen is bad not because of the plagiarism, the lack of user understanding of the process, the inhibition of debugging, or the reuse of popular but suboptimal structures instead of useful ones - but because it automates and keeps current a practice that just isn't -needed- as much as it used to be?

We have modern languages with better tooling nowadays. And yes, I'm thinking about #rust specifically. You can write things that don't -require- sixteen tons of boilerplate, or installing a macro on your keyboard to do the error-handling incantation. You can have the problem -not exist- instead of automating a 'solution' that just makes your source files bigger. Do -this- instead of reimplementing fuckin' fizzbuzz for the twentieth time this month.

Let's clear something up about dominance in dogs. Dominance occurs over a resource-- someone gets it (dominant); someone submits (usually willingly!). It changes from one thing to another, and it has nothing to do with social status. It is about deciding who gets what. Very high ranking dogs give way to others all the time and gain trust and popularity by being so generous because dogs like that. Some dogs viciously guard resources, and they don't care who the fuck you are--they have it and they think you want to take it from them because you usually do shit like that.
When people treat a dog who is guarding a resource as if the dog thinks they're the boss of everything and must lose their resource as punishment, then it confirms the dog's suspicions that that person is a threat. They don't trust them.

(Btw, for a dog like this, you give them more stuff when you get near their stuff--don't take it away! When they love your approach, you can start rewarding them for letting you meddle. Then if you ever meddle because you know best, they trust there was a good reason because you normally act in their best interest. Like how, you know, the higher ranking dogs act...those who make things work and reduce conflict instead of cause it.)

Today is the . I can only hope that this place, which I pass many times on my way to work, will still be so wet in the coming years.

@magzoska Cześć. Ja coś napiszesz tu, na Mastodonie, to daj znać :)

The horns on my vehicle are larger than the horns on his vehicle,

Today, on my way to yet another installation. need good access to Internet too.

Twitter's new policy will likely shut down thousands of #EMGTwitter emergency alerting and emergency management accounts.

Every time you reduce the methods of communication in an emergency you risk human lives and property damage.

RT @apukwa
Will Environment Canada pay to maintain its 840 weather warning bots?

Will Natural Resources Canada pay to maintain its automated Earthquake bots?

Will NOAA pay to distribute it's Tsunami warning…

Anybody watching The Last of Us? This is the same fungus, Cordyceps, attacking this Carolina leafroller that attacks humans in the show. It keeps the host alive as long as possible. 😲

The people holding Punxsutawney Phil should have been masked. I don't want the groundhog to get covid.

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Happy #WorldWetlandsDay!

"It's time for wetland restoration" for the benefit of people and migratory species, which are an integral part of nature.

We all need to step up efforts to invest in these critically important ecosystems.

Two different woodpeckers on the constructed bird habitat at home. 1: Male red-bellied woodpecker, listening for insects, 2: Male Northern Flicker.

#Birds #BirdPhotography #BackyardBirding

Quite simply, probably the most evocative #war memorial I have seen.

#Mending and #Politics.

At first, mending clothes doesn’t seem like a bold political statement. But in fact, it is a true act of resistance against consumerism.

Be proud, make mending visible ✊

#visiblemending #climate #PoliticalChange

Thinking of setting up a ‘small appliance’ repair cafe in our village. Anyone done this and have any tips? #repairingThings #repaircafe

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