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Vuko attempting to connect to the Internet, where no one will know who he really is.

Lately, I’ve switched from coffee to a nice, soothing cup of tea.

It sucks. 😩

I'm rewatching Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex and it holds up surprisingly well.

And for being a 20 year old show the animation still looks stunning.

Bardzo polecam rozmowę między @rysiek i @polamatysiak o wyborach przez internet. Myślę że warto dać przykład rosji która w 2022 wprowadziła taki system, co łatwił im oszustwa wyborcze dodatkowo pozwoliło im by zaprzyjażnieni przedsiębiory robili u siebie głosowania

link do podcastu,

I knew the main function would be there, through the Open Source software I've been using for years but also, all the little things like virtual workspaces, extended clipboards, phone integration, …, took minutes to set up and work at least as well.

And I haven't been pestered to use Edge or Bing or other malware.

I've started the process for my main desktop computer.

Bye-bye, Microsoft.

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I'm being very cautious about ditching #Microsoft Windows for #Linux.

Mostly because it will take so much elapsed time to decrypt my 600 GB of data and create media to restore if anything goes wrong.

I found that out while doing a dress rehearsal on my old computer after deleting 500 GB.

But after a week of using only Linux, I'm really happy with it.


"It is a sobering thought, for example, that, when Mozart was my age, he had been dead for two years." - Tom Lehrer

Aw yeah ban teens from social media but make it legal for them to work the night shift in the cold chopping room at the meath chopping factory.

These kids will hate us all forever and we will deserve it.

The active shooter drills, failing to protect trans teens, taking their damn phones, burning their books and sending them to the factory. Fail fail fail fail fail.

Choose a successor? Hell no, GitHub; my code dies with me and will assist me in the afterlife like the pharaohs of old

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the start of Putin's full-scale invasion of #Ukraine; a huge escalation of a war that's been going on since 2014.

It is important to acknowledge that this is a war of imperial conquest, steeped deep in Crimean, Ukrainian, Russian, and more broadly European history.

That historical context is skillfully discussed in depth in Timothy Snyder's excellent series on "the Making of Modern Ukraine":

Today is a great day to start watching it.

Beautiful day for a walk… lots of other happy dog walkers about. The social experience not marred in the least by me slipping down a muddy verge and landing on my behind! 🙄😊

Yes, there are things I’m meant to be doing, but the sun streaming through my kitchen window is warm and the birds are singing, so I’m just going to sit here for a minute and soak it up

Jeśli 5-latka daje ci na urodziny gruz, ale mówi, że to meteoryt z nieba, to jest to meteoryt z nieba. Kropka.


@Watchdog_Polska Czy plany kół łowieckich i informacje o ich wykonaniu to informacja piubliczna? Mamy tu w okolicy ciekawą sytuację i zastanawiam się jak to ugryźć.

CBA zatrzymało trzy osoby związane z uczelnią Collegium Humanum, która oferowała dziwnie tanie studia MBA bez akredytacji i współpracowała z podejrzanymi zagranicznymi partnerami.

CBA dokonało przeszukania siedziby Collegium Humanum już wcześniej, we wrześniu 2022 r. Przeszukanie miało związek z nielegalnym handlem dyplomami, do którego miało dochodzić za wiedzą władz uczelni.
Co najciekawsze, Collegium Humanum było miejscem "kształcenia się" wielu polityków i nominatów do spółek skarbu państwa z obozu rządzącego, a także niektórych polityków opozycji.

Dziennikarka “Newsweeka” Renata Kim odwiedziła adresy podawane przez zagraniczne uczelnie współpracujące z Collegium Humanum i nie znalazła tam żadnych śladów działalności edukacyjnej.

Cały tekst:

Why I called my MP about his transphobic party and leader, and what I said. I was polite, unlike Poilievre.

They are bullies and must be stopped.

The harm is more than we know, most of it doesn't make the media.

The Alabama Supreme Court has ruled that because any frog could be a baby that has been transformed into a frog by an evil sorcerer, frogs are now legally people. Judicial scholars have not yet determined how this ruling will affect our lives, but have collectively declared that although clearly idiotic, it is sadly not the most idiotic decision the Alabama Supreme Court has made this week.

The whole "no atheists in foxholes" thing never made sense to me until I realized it came from the same people who tortured people for witchcraft confessions and used the confessions as their argument for the existence of witches.

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