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For those who don't know our pack of , , here's a simple explainer of their characters. Two works referenced here might be unknown to many outside of Poland: Sienkiewicz's Trylogia is a historical saga set in the 17th century, Czterej Pancerni i Pies is a communist-period book and a tv series about four tankers and a dog during WW2.

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Same place about a week apart. Our are quickly losing water. Drainage ditches are constantly improved. This is financed by a local environment protection agency (sic). In the summer this area will be parched grassland.

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Drinking dark water helps Bruno in keeping his fur beautiful and his soul perfectly dark.

diese werbung aus den 80ern ist sehr spaßig im kontext der gegenwart.

✍️ Podpisz ✍️ 💌 List Otwarty 💌 w sprawie "Prawa do instalacji dowolnego oprogramowania na każdym urządzeniu"

"Projektowanie oprogramowania jest kluczowe dla ochrony środowiska i trwałości produktów i sprzętu. Systemy i usługi będące Wolnym Oprogramowaniem pozwalają na ponowne użycie, zmianę przeznaczenia i interoperacyjność urządzeń. Prawo do wyboru systemu operacyjnego, oprogramowania i usług jest niezbędne w tworzeniu bardziej zrównoważonego społeczeństwa cyfrowego."…

#foss #fsfe

@m_hundhausen @szescstopni Suggested #AltText:

A red squirrel in mid-leap,
front paws outstretched superhero fashion, rear legs & fluffed-out tail streaming behind like stabilizing banners, head & ears erect. Two thick tree trunks, the squirrel’s apparent goal, fill the left of the frame. In the background, an angular jumble of leafless branches stand out against a clear blue sky.

*in English, my German being insufficient to the task


I think I bricked my external hdd when a large copy operation was abruptly interrupted. My system suggests i run chkdsk, but I don't have it :)

Stuck in amber.

This was actually the Children’s Safety Village at Britannia Beach, near Ottawa.

For more than 30 years, the safety village welcomed thousands of elementary students to its grounds. Instructors would use miniature roads, vehicles, bicycles and traffic lights to illustrate road safety lessons.

#Abandoned #AbandonedPlaces

Bruno hates water. The only way to give him a bath is to throw a stick into a puddle.

Michael #Jordan ma swoj wlasny zespol w #NASCAR 😲
A polska wikipedia oczywiscie na ten temat milczy 🤣

ChatGPT seems really awesome, until you ask it to write about anything you know intimately. Now I’m worried that the recipes and lists of plants it gave me earlier are as filled with BS as the essays I asked it to write. #chatbots #disinfo #Disinformation #AI

szukam siodełka do #rower z całkowitym rozcięciem w tylnej części (tak by nic nie uciskało na kość ogonową), takie zupełne V w kształcie.

Ktoś pomoże (i dlaczego na pewno coś doradzi @bobiko )? Pomoc przez podbicie wpisu też będzie pomocą.

Dzisiaj dzień problemów z przeliczaniem miar, ale warto zauważyć, że mleko już kosztuje jakieś 50,000.

Thousands of anemones are currently blooming in a beech forest in northern German Pomerania

Dywan z zawilców w lesie bukowym na niemieckim Pomorzu.


So @internetarchive scanning books for their digital library is copyright infringement:

But OpenAI slurping all of that to train a model that then can generate text and put actual authors out of business (already happening with copywriters), is not.

Figures, there are no $billions of VC / corporate money behind Internet Archive, why would anyone want to support a public service, right? 🤦‍♀️

IA ≠AI, know the difference!


All pregnant Barbie dolls without wedding rings are recalled from stores in Poland.

Models of everyday life were deposited in #Egyptian tombs. They were supposed to support the deceased in the afterlife. One of the most charming examples is the model of a #cow giving birth.
Carved in wood, painted.
Probably from Meir, #Egypt, dating c. 2040-1985 BC.


Jak jakaś strona mi pisze, że dba o moją prywatność, a ja klikam, "nie zgadzam się", to ja już nie wiem co.

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