Spotted somewhere halfway between our two test gateways in the of . Wish I could put a GPS tracker on it, but I'm too humble to apply for the Darwin Award..

@szescstopni have you set up a mesh of moose reporting LoRa nodes yet? Last month I attended a seminar in a neighboring area where they have setup traps to catch wild boar and have #LoRaWAN sensors attached to report when the traps are closed.

@RoboticistDuck Nice :) Moose reporting would require camera traps, so if we did manage to run an AI on a solar powered device it could send ID reports by LoRa. Of course someone would then have to come and collect the recordings and check them, but I'm pretty sure it could be done. Any other recognized species could be reported too.

@szescstopni I am interested in something similar in my area to capture photos of wildlife with trail cams and then to have LoRaWAN nodes inform me when I need to go read the SSD or replace batteries on a cam.


@RoboticistDuck Supplying power is the main problem. And if you have enough power you can use GSM to send images and not have to rely on an AI in a raspberry pi or something similar and do it all on the receiving side. Tough choices.

@szescstopni given the experiences of others I have followed, cam locations should be changed and adjusted periodically anyways, so it’s no hassle to swap SSD and batteries.

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