Found this weird plaster disk going through old junk and it brought memories of really bad times. I bought it over 20 years ago for something like a quarter of my monthly income, but my partner insisted. It was supposed to cure her cancer. Of course it didn't, but it gave her a bit hope. The things that helped were surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. She lived four or five years longer than the doctors initially expected. I was going to throw the disk out, but it turns out it helps to prevent diseases. We keep in on a small table on our porch. When we come home with , our dogs, from a walk through meadows and forests we sit at the table, smoke cigarettes, and pick ticks from the dogs. We put the ticks on the table and crush them with the disk. So it prevents boreliosis, babesiosis, and a number of other tick-carried diseases. A bit expensive device – we used cheap plastic lighter to crush ticks, but somehow this is more satisfying. And it's a good reminder – fuck quacks who make money on useless magical cures.


To niesamowite bo mają dokładnie taki sam. To przecież prosty odlew gipsowy, a ludzie to kupowali.

@kravietz Tak się robi fortuny – na cudzym nieszczęściu

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