Torstaina 16.11. klo 18 askarrellaan Hacklabilla heijastimia. Tervetuloa mukaan!

Exciting news! We've added an HP Designjet 4000 printer and a Magic Impressions MI7000 heat press to our hackerspace, giving our members even more ways to express their creativity. Check out our latest blog to learn more!

Join us for International Open Hackerspace Day on 25.3.2023 from 12:00 - 17:00 for an open house at Tampere Hacklab. We'll have a tent sauna, maybe a BBQ, and tours of our space and equipment. Come meet our members, learn about our community, and see what we're all about. All are welcome, so bring your friends and family. We hope to see you there!

Today's Theme Thursday at Tampere Hacklab is: Welding!

Bring your projects. We'll do them together. 🎇

18:00 - 20:00

Board games are happening again in the Tampere Hacklab. Tomorrow! Saturday, starting 12:00 and on through the evening. Will you join us?

It's the first Tuesday of the month and it's time for the community meeting at 19:00 at the hacklab at Ahlmanintie 56. Welcome.

On kuukauden ensimmäinen tiistai ja yhteisömiitin aika klo.19.00 hacklabilla osoitteessa Ahlmanintie 56. Tervetuloa mukaan.

Kännykällä Mastodonia varten kannattaa asentaa esim Tusky-niminen Androidsovellus jolla kuvien liittäminen viesteihin onnistuu helposti. Tällä voi postailla kuvia vaikka omista projekteista labilla. Hashtagiksi voi labiaiheisiin juttuihin laittaa

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