Today in computer class, we set up OpenPGP encryption in Thunderbird.

We used the following guide:

There was just one missing configuration setting in that tutorial. In the account settings under end-to-end encryption, the default key needed to be changed from "None" to the one we just generated.

We also set "Require encryption by default", but what I really wanted was a "Use encryption when possible" config setting.

For the dedicated Gmail webmail users in our lives, we will see if fits the bill.

I like your approach and comment about the usage and practice of how to do things (usaully for me it's for alternatives or best practices / holiding hand with people while implementing or circling then notions)...

I'd like to know more about and other things so jsut for now I welcome anything as direct reply on your side and to say I'm having a look and possibly on these lines probably interested / have time to hear more.

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