Shocking, I know.

Facebook's 'Clear History' Tool Doesn't Clear Shit

When we talk about Facebook’s myriad foibles and fuckups, we’re usually laying the blame on things that happen within the Big Blue App, or, increasingly, the social network’s CEO. What’s less discussed are the company’s ties to the potentially millions of sites and services using its software—but now, thankfully, we can get a window into that for ourselves. But don’t get too excited.

Russia blocks encrypted email service ProtonMail

Russia said on Wednesday it had blocked the Swiss email service ProtonMail, popu...

Blue Brain solves a century-old neuroscience problem - Neuroscience News

A mathematical algorithm developed by the Blue Brain Project can objectively classify different shapes of neurons in the brain. The algorithm has already helped researchers objectively identify 17 types of pyramidal neurons in the somatosensory cortex of a rat.

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