What role did Israel play in the spread of an insidious piece of malware? Plus, PR companies and controversial states.
Pegasus: Flying on the wings of Israeli ‘cyber-tech diplomacy’?

@otto Yes, but how tech savvy are you? I use Element but there are other options too.

@Tutanota Another attack today? Cannot access on Android, Windows app, or web. Missing crucial OTPs.

Looks like you're down again! Inaccessible via Android app, desktop, or any of your website/blog.

@Tutanota Hey, your service looks down again. Unable to access via f-droid app, desktop app, or website.

@shapist Please note that this video is nearly a month old. China had a few days of no new cases detected, which is true, but there are new cases here and there, which they are reporting. See the below.


Challenging the common assumption about how stimulant ADHD medications work.

"Your perceived benefits of performing a demanding task are elevated, while the perceived costs are reduced. This effect is separate from any changes in actual ability."


While everyone's been distracted by virus, Congress has been trying to pass the following:

"The bill, known as the Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies (EARN IT) Act, grants sweeping powers to the Executive Branch. It opens the door for the government to require new measures to screen users’ speech and even backdoors to read your private communications—a stated goal of one of the bill’s authors."


You Are Now Remotely Controlled

"Tech industry executives “argued that they were capable of regulating themselves and that government intervention would be costly and counterproductive.” Civil libertarians warned that the companies’ data capabilities posed “an unprecedented threat to individual freedom.” One observed, “We have to decide what human beings are in the electronic age. Are we just going to be chattel for commerce?” A commissioner asked, ‘‘Where should we draw the line?” The year was 1997."


@arteteco Haha, I did actually see that screen shot circulating but wasn't sure if it was from a different promotion some time before.

@arteteco I saw this and I'm glad you can confirm that it is real. That. Is. Hilarious. 😂

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