Like others, I got frustrated with the birdsite and migrated here. Finally settled on an identity and instance. I work in the world, but I'm not a dev (I tell the devs when they write terrible code). Personally, I'm an amateur , so my interests are everywhere. A few:

Welcome @theonetotheleft! in the case you still want to crosspost to the birdie site you can use to mantain presence. We interact here but still pump our toots to the bird ;)

@theonetotheleft I noticed you mention liking Classic film and Film Noir. Did you ever see Raw Deal? Saw it tonight. John Alton on camera.

@elle101 No, I haven't. How was it? I'll have to add it to my list to watch

@theonetotheleft Very good. I join a bunch of Twitter Noir lovers Sun at 9pm est when I can. Led by the very knowlegeable @BNoirDetour. We comment at hashtag #BNoirDetour while watching. You can catch the film itself (Raw Deal) here 🙂

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