Back to Mastodon after the exodus. I left Twitville years ago and set this account up. Personally I'm not a fan of instance versus federated, but 🤷‍♂️ whatever. As before, I'm mostly here for and generally related topics.

Finally tried the show The Good Place. Have to love lines like, "And Aristotle believes that your character is voluntary, because it's just the result of your actions, which are under your control. For example, right now, you have made the insane choice to ignore the person who is literally trying to save you from eternal damnation."

Steps to feeling old:

1. Read about someone in the public eye
2. Note who they idolized as a child
3. Read about the idol
4. Realize the idol is younger than you

Alternate steps:

1. Attend the same event/sports team/festival year after year
2. Note how many young adults are present
2. Realize said young adults were toddlers/infants/not born when you started attending

Halcyon doesn't retrieve from the server the actual character limits, it just suppose that it is the 'normal' 500. Reply to me with more than 500 characters and enjoy the magic!

@freemo Does QOTO have a 65k character limit? The about page says it does. When I toot it counts down from 500. I'm using halcyon if that makes a difference.


I study photonic engineering. My current main interest is in physical phenomena, including Fourier optics, holography, light sources (e.g. lasers) and optical components (e.g. LCDs).

What do you think of a non-invasive brain interface?

Preferred programming language: C/C++
- Once I learned something about OpenCL, OpenMP, Qt,.....
Favorit operating system: Xubuntu/Win/Mac -> Cross-platform

Favourite musical instrument: Didgeridoo

Nice to be here.

Hi, Folks!

I am a tenured Associate Professor at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA, USA. I have my B.S. Degree with a Double Major in Chemistry and Physics and my Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry with specialties in Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy, Instrument Design, and Automation Software Development. I teach in an interdisciplinary undergraduate program called Integrated Science, Business, and Technology in which our students study the process of developing scientific discoveries into new products and services using collaborative business practices. I develop and teach courses in Energy, Materials, and Informatics, and have personal research interests in Robotics and Machine Intelligence.

After joining Facebook as soon as La Salle was added to the Facebook servers in 2005 and Joining Twitter in 2007, I created the Facebook and Twitter accounts for the University as I was unable to convince our IT department that it was important for the University to have a presence on social media.

After openly sharing my personal Political positions as a Constitutional Conservative and my support of Donald Trump, the backlash on Facebook and Twitter was so severe that I no longer use those networks.

As a Conservative Academic, I understand and deeply experience what it means to be a minority. I'm giving Mastadon a spin in search of respectful conversation.

So what sites do people use in place of FB? I keep reading about . Any good? At this point, I'm only there, honestly, to post trivia every weekend. It used to also be for keeping up with friends from yesteryear, but I just don't care about that any longer.

I’m Lyle Troxell from Santa Cruz, CA. I’m a software engineer, podcaster, maker, photographer, and father. I’m currently improving my blacksmithing skills, researching software arts / translation, and refreshing my JavaScript knowledge.
I work at Netflix on the iOS App, and create the WeAreNetflix podcast as well as my personal podcast “Geek Speak with Lyle Troxell”. I try to keep up on technology and how it affects society.

I'm listening to Hopeless by Goldfinger and I'm fairly sure it was "inspired" by Jesus Freak by dc Talk. Those two songs are about as contrary as you can get in themes, but musically, they definitely sound very similar.

Hi all,

Inspired by a life hacker article I'm giving mastodon a second go. I'm a pharmacist from North England, with interests in tech, movies and liberal progressive politics.

I noticed something on sites and in the field. They are catching up to in general but not and specifically. I know it tends to be an older field, but they should do that. And soon.

Like others, I got frustrated with the birdsite and migrated here. Finally settled on an identity and instance. I work in the world, but I'm not a dev (I tell the devs when they write terrible code). Personally, I'm an amateur , so my interests are everywhere. A few:

Hello World!

I'm not a programmer, nor do I come from twitter, so forgive me if I find no use for the hashtag here (I only use it when talking to the preprocessor). However, this is an


I'm a composer, but I also do animations, relief prints and some writing. Curiosity brought me here, and possibly also the promise of being able to post equations should I ever need to.

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