"Monads are scary; or, The Queering of Object Orientated Programming"


First article in a year, wow.

@njms Casually dropping gender studies citations in a post about monads, cute. <3

Although the explanation itself is somewhat disappointing, the post is definitely about something different than the first paragraph promises.

@timorl Hah, yeah I was anticipating hearing that. I got a little impatient half way through writing that post. I may end up amending it if I have the time/get embarrassed enough by it so if you noticed any errors I'd be happy to hear them


@njms I don't think there is anything wrong written there, it just doesn't really provide the explanation it promises. I think the points it actually makes, about monads being culturally coded as being more difficult than they are and the circumstances which lead to this, are quite important by themselves.

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