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Zrobilem sernik z tzw. okary sojowej czyli pulpy powstalej po produkcji mleka sojowego.
I jest to zajebiscie dobre, dalbym kazdemu fediwersumowiczowi po kawalku :D

Got my ! I thought I would be using either whatever it came installed with, or as recommended by a couple people here. Unfortunately it turned out that is doing quite a lot of things in ways that I like, and works much smoother than at least the default. I tried it before I even got to Mobian, because I did not expect to stick with it — the docs claimed many things either don't work or have very strange defaults. It seems they are slightly outdated though, as everything works pretty brilliantly.

The only thing I desperately need to use it as a main phone is a graphical client with E2EE support. It seems is still my best bet, but I still haven't gotten it to build to help with development...

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this is amazing: This April, TRANSFER and left.gallery collaborated on an online group show called “Pieces of Me,” which consisted of “tokens” representing the practice of over fifty leading digital artists. Collectors could buy these works using a regular contract and either fiat or crypto (NFT optional), with the artists receiving 70 percent of the sale. The certificate for each work stipulated that the artist would additionally receive a 50 percent royalty upon every resale—an amount far exceeding the tenuous 10 percent royalty granted by most NFT platforms. The collectors who chose to “mint” their purchase also had to pay the fees to mint one artist’s proof. But more than simply maximizing individual artists’ incomes, the show upended art-world economies by redistributing 30 percent of every sale to all the artists in the show, as well as to the art workers who made it possible. Implicitly, “Pieces of Me” asked whether it is possible to treat the field of digital art as itself a “distributed network” that redistributes resources instead of concentrating them.

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Skoro rząd finansuje szczepionki z pieniędzy podatników, uważam że oprogramowanie w mikrocipach w tych szczepionkach powinno być dostępne na wolnej i otwartej licencji.

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"Installation: we recommend that you use Docker."

what I'm supposed to see: "hey, it's a simple one-liner! Such clean install, much wow."

what I actually see: "we couldn't figure out how to install this thing on anything but our own machine, but hey, here is a well-compressed image of our entire disk, use this instead so that we can stop trying"

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Każdy z członków PRIM (Partii Racjonalistów i Malkontentów) przechodzi egzamin ze znajomości paradoksów statystycznych i jest obeznany w podejściu Bajesowskim. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category

PRIM‑Alternatywa dla Polski.

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@seachaint YES! THANK YOU!

> After an audit of the algorithm, the resume screening company found that the algorithm found two factors to be most indicative of job performance: their name was Jared, and whether they played high school lacrosse. Girouard’s client did not use the tool.


Wow, was I off-mark there!

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birbsite bullshit, cancel culture 

And it's just.. Yeah, if you're being bullied you need to stand up for yourself. But if you're getting pushback or become Main Character of Twitter for a day or two, especially if you have a following already, the best way really _is_ to "just ignore it".

That can mean giving your account to a friend to deal with torrents of abuse for you, or Logging Off for a while, but the point is that you shouldn't land in "it should be illegal to @ me".

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Oglaf, SFW, justice in society 

Somehow Oglaf keeps expressing my preferred reality really well with offhand remarks.

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University of Minnesota banned from Linux kernel development and a purge begins:

"Because of this, I will now have to ban all future contributions from your University and rip out your previous contributions"


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Nice article about Swiss queer hacker Tillie Kottman (Verkada Hack), that is pointing out the central problems - german only

Questions that come to mind – is most programming work labour without land? Is, somewhat paradoxically, the Could the Land in this case? Am I trying to strech the theory too much?

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I'm currently working on a #Pixelfed client called Resin, designed to prevent social media addiction. To hear more about it, check out:


And for more about its design philosophy:

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I keep thinking of Robert Ashley's motto for my old music department, "If you're not weird, get out" and how to make a more nurturing, undergraduate-focused version of that.

I don't want normies to get out. I want them to de-normify at least temporarily: Be weird. Have fun. Do something absurd with your whole heart. Make something beautiful out of rubbish. Make something ugly our of pure tones. Find the place where your system starts to fail and sit there for a bit.

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Anyone have a good (open) corpus or generator of human names that covers a good amount of the different types of names people can have?

Preferably tagged with ethnicity or nationality. The names don’t have to be real, just representative.

@eumiro maybe?

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They: "Imperative programming let's me know exactly in which order things get executed!"
Modern CPUs:
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first: I think that the power war is about corporate interests, which has never been shy in using any means - now they use a conflict in the community (struggle 2) to divide it, in order to consolidate power.

It is the dilemma of FLOSS, that its achievements are being used to amass immense profit and power by the platform industry. In commons theory, this is called "enclosure" and means the exploitation of "free" resources. free means "owned by no one" (and economic theory knows only two types of ownership: state and private) - even if in fact, these resources are maintained by informal communities. this is the case in land-grabbing from indigenous communities around the world, and I think in a way also in FLOSS.

It also points to another aspect in FLOSS: I was inspired by feminist activists to read the FSM as a feminist manifesto - because it addresses exploitation and offers a way to change it. And indeed, if you look at it that way, it is all about protecting a social practice (of programming). But the solution it takes, in form of the GPL, is acting on the level of the product of that social practice, not the social practice itself. This mindset of valuing the product over the social practice is also alive in the principle of meritocracy.

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